Author Topic: Volunteer Party - Jo's House - Feb 14th  (Read 3161 times)

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Volunteer Party - Jo's House - Feb 14th
« on: February 07, 2010, 09:39:54 pm »
The one thing we are waiting on to be able to mail out 500+ badges is the letterhead, which should be here soon.  So, if you want to help the first mailout, c'mon out to the first volunteer work party of the year.  We should also have some pin making going on, if you want to learn how to use out pin maker.  Stuff will start at 12:00.

Yeah, yeah, we know it's on V-day.  But, well, that seems to be the day when those of us putting this together have nothing else to do.  If you need to know where Jo's house is, email her at the Secretary at Kumoricon email address. 
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