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The forum has just undergone its most significant re-organization in, probably, ever!

We've reviewed all the categories and forum areas to try to improve organization and make sure the subject matter of each area is clear.

There is no longer a "General" area that combines multiple topics. Topics relating to Kumoricon (the con), and anime conventions in general, are now in a new "General Kumoricon" forum. All the posts in the previous "Help, Complaints, and Suggestions" forum are now located there.

Topics relating to anime and manga are now in a new forum, "Anime, Manga, and Japanese Media and Culture".

Finally, we've moved around some forum areas to make sure that the "Convention Events and Programming" and "Convention Community" categories are still meaningful.

In short, some forums have moved around so you might need to get used to the new locations.

To long-time forum users, no content has been deleted--just moved! You should be able to find anything you're looking for quickly. Remember, you can use search if you're having trouble finding an old thread. For new users, we hope this organization makes it easier to find the types of content you're looking for, and decide where to post.


Weeeeeeeee I'm going to be in all sorts of forums I dopn't expect to be in!  ;D

since I missed the big update I logged on and said "where the heck is Cosplay, Spam, and Plan your own adventure' I found them with no problems, but I'm so used to the previous layout I keep looking towards the top of the page for plan your own adventure xD

The new layout really hasn't bothered me at all since I mostly just use the "Show unread posts since last visit." button.

In fact, if you hadn't told me it was different I wouldn't even have noticed. XD


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