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Pocky Club Cosplay Contest
« on: January 19, 2010, 12:33:10 pm »
This is kind of a place holder until I get all the art together to give you cosplayers better references, but I just couldn't contain myself.

At the Pocky Club Presents panel at Kumoricon 2010 Pocky Club will be holding a cosplay contest, specifically a contest for the Pocky-Tans!
For those not familiar with them, the Pocky-Tans are characters that are a "moe anthropomorphization" of different flavors of Pocky. Simply, they are the emodiment of their flavor. Choco-Tan is a good friend, Straw-Tan is super popular, Green-Tan is subdued and traditional, etc. Back in 2008 Pocky Club had an art contest to decide what the official "LOOK" of each Pocky-Tan would be. Each work was in a different style so there's a lot of variation. Some of the art was in pencil and didn't scan well so it's hard to make out the details. I have commissioned a great artist to bring  each girl to life in the same full color, full size art style so that you all can have better examples for reference. That art should be done by April, so I'll be posting it here at that time.

There's no forms to fill out, just show up in costume at the Pocky Club panel and strut your stuff!
The winners (however many the Club decides on) will join me on stage to recieve their awards during the Cosplay Contest the next day!

Until then I am available if anyone has questions about the contest, please reply directly to this thread or email me at pockyclub -at-!
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