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ParaPara / Eurobeat / J-pop Club Event
« on: December 11, 2009, 09:39:37 pm »
So, they do something like this in Europe and I always thought it'd be kind of cool to have a club event with a similar model here.  Basically, we'd rent out a venue and have a dance sort of like what there are at cons, except it's not. . . at a con?  Ha ha.  There'd be a pretty big focus on para para/eurobeat including a para para lesson and gift DVD being given out to people at the door.

Since not everyone is into eurobeat, I'd like to play a mix of eurobeat, techno, j-pop, and techno remixes of j-rock.  It's not an event just for anime fans.  I'd like to get people involved that maybe have never heard Japanese music before or, heck, just like to dance! It'd be open to the public and I think it'd be a broadening experience for some.

It's something that I'm not sure we could make all ages, but I'd definitely try for the all ages venues first.  But in a way, I want to see how those of you that are over 21 feel about it.  Would you be interested in attending something like this?

This is an event that, if successful, I'd like to host a few times per year. 

Just putting the feelers out there.  Any venue suggestions, questions, concerns, music requests? 

I'm thinking I'd like to hold this the Friday before KumoriCon, since a lot of out of towners will be around for the con anyway.  But, um, we'll see. It is a holiday weekend, after all.

And those of you that are interested in learning para para, I'll be hosting some weekly para para lessons in Portland at Performance Works NW starting early next year. :)  Time and day TBA.
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