Author Topic: wow some of the most wow "ow my head" movies ever in one site!  (Read 844 times)

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wow some of the most wow "ow my head" movies ever in one site!
« on: November 08, 2009, 10:49:00 pm »
I recently found a site that has asian horror/other movies to watch online, the quality it around       youtube-ish, and when going to a differnt window it will have a full page ad, but in the right corrner it will have a skip this ad link and some are hard to find for renting
some of these movies are AWESOME...LY..bad.... but you can't have awesomly bad with out awesome!!!!
and I admit, I love some awesomly bad movies
because of content I am not going to post the like but if you pm or really just do a search asian horror com
should not be hard to find cuz this def a R site
like this one I just skimed thru "Zombie Self Defense Force", where aliens came to earth raised the dead, and theres a soldier chick who (spoiler)

turns out to be a cyborg!!! and kicks butt samurai style, then kills a cute little alien who looks like a jelly fish
 or this one I just saw a clip of, get this....Executive Koala!!!
think live action and a bizness office normal people exept a koala in a biz suit
a horror movie..

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