Author Topic: we're intrested in being press!  (Read 1004 times)

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we're intrested in being press!
« on: June 06, 2005, 04:32:35 pm »
so... me and my friends, group, unit thing are working on getting into e3, but since we've never done anything like this we'd really like to build up experience being press... so... what we're wondering is how do you become press at kumori con?

i for one work as the chief bodyguard at sakura con... and im really looking forward to a serious change of pace in con going... besides i've been wanting to go to kumori for 2 years now... and i never get around to it...

so anyways... how do we become press? are there any requirements? who can i talk to about this?

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we're intrested in being press!
« Reply #1 on: June 06, 2005, 10:18:07 pm »
General requirements for being press is to either have credentials from a press organization, or have a published cosplay/convention/anime site.
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