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« on: September 04, 2009, 08:56:04 am » Live schedule is online.

"Follow Kumoricon's Twitter at for announcements of schedule changes during the convention."

Jeff updated the main page, but since I know how infrequently I check it...
Online Live Schedule Posted, Check-In Reminders, and Newsletter

Posted September 4, 2009

We now have another online format of the schedule available, which can be directly viewed in your web browser without need for Adobe Reader:

If schedule changes occur during the con, they will be updated on the live schedule. Also follow our Twitter feed for live announcements of schedule changes:

With the con just a day away, remember, registration opens Friday at 4pm! This applies to both pre-registration and at-the-door registration. Show up before the crowds!

Remember to bring your photo ID (regardless of registration method or type), parent permission form if under age 18, and, of course, your badge, if you pre-registered and had it mailed.

Finally, we have another quick installment of our KumoriContent newsletter: Download [PDF]
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