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We've added a new code of conduct to the forums. The old one served us well, but the new one more precisely and accurately reflects our current needs.

The new code of conduct is pinned in this forum area. Here is a direct link:

It's very short, so all forum users should read it. Most of the rules are very common across Internet forums and I don't believe there are any surprising changes that will catch people off-guard.


Since I know it'll come up, can you declare a recommended size for images included in one's signature?

On Tom's note, I would also suggest you do something similar for avatars.

ya, put up the size you want the pics for both avatar and sig, that way we don't over do it.

I must confess I don't have an exact size yet, but for now I'm going to leave it to judgment. There is also the possibility that the content's subjective "annoyingness" could play an influence if the avatar or signature is considered borderline violating the rule on "tasteful and reasonable in size".

But, to provide some idea, if your avatar is greater than 200KB, and signature around 300KB, it's probably too big. (Most are far smaller.) Generally avatars should be limited to around 150px in width or height.


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