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Courrgated-Cosplay 2010: MAZINKAISER!!!
« on: September 12, 2009, 12:07:44 am »
Well I thought that I would go beyond God and the Devil and make Mazinkaiser out of cardboard...
This will be my third cosplay all of which were constructed from massive amounts of cardboard, tape, and spray-paint.  You might remember me from the last two cons as Mecha-Alucard and Eva Unit 01 first and second year respectively.  I sort of started my first cardboard costume as sort of a joke and now I have decided to make all my cosplays cardboard robotic things...
I am not really sure on the details yet but it looks like I might have a group going with me as Baron Ashura, Great Mazinger, and Mazinkaiser but like I said it is not completely fleshed out yet...
If any one has ideas or suggestions just let me know.
2010 Kumoricon Cosplays in action:
Mazinkaiser 5% Kaiserskrander ???