Author Topic: Anyone cosplaying from the super-special-awesome series known as.....  (Read 1177 times)

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'I can't afford/I'm too lazy/to make and or buy a costume, so I'm going as myself'?

Yeah....I wanted to do a cosplay, I really did! I wanted to go as either Toeto(From a vocaloid music video. Some of you should know who she is) or Miyuki from Lucky Star.

Unfortunately, I want to spend money at Kumoricon, (AKA: I can't find a wig, and I don't know how to sew....since there arn't any Toeto costumes floating around eBay....) so Toeto and Miyuki are soaring out of my grasp.

Ah well, I got over it.  ;)

So anyone else going as the epic character called 'Yourself'?
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yup last day. its just gonna be a random character that i want to be, its my O.C. character, its gonna be cool.

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Oh yeah... Especially since this is my first con and I'd rather see what people wear so I could get some ideas for the next time. I thought about wearing an awesome t-shirt. You know, with something funny on it... like "This is my cosplay" or "I am not a Vampire" (while wearing vamp teeth).

It's the weekend of my 5th Anniversary, so we might be going only one day (plus that's all we can afford right now).

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I've got one real cosplay I plan to do, but besides that I will be wearing some random mash-up of clothing and a big mallet prop, so, yeah, lol. It'll be casual cosplay, cosplaying as myself....with a mallet, heh

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Miyuki? I went as her last year in the summer uniform.
I'm trying to sell it right now if your interested. I already sold the wig though.

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I'm going as myself.  ;D   I enjoy seeing the other cosplayers more then cosplaying myself.  .. Plus I like spending all my money on anime stuff in the dealers room rather then an outfit. xD

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Re: Anyone cosplaying from the super-special-awesome series known as.....
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Yup, seems like all of my cosplay is gonna be moved to the 2010 Con season. So unless I come up with something between now and the 21st, I wont be cosplaying this year. Looking forward to taking lots of pics of everyone who is though. ;)
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