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Manga Title
« on: July 23, 2009, 02:11:53 am »
I was thinking.. I know what your thinking... 'Oh my god, Sushi thinks?!' Haha very funny.

Here's where the manga will be posted:

However nothing will be posted untill I have a title. Much less the pages finished as well.

I think I'll start uploading my manga later tonight. I think I'll make it a weekly thing. I'll give you some information about the story. The main character Chiharu is a singer/voice actress, though there's something she dosen't know. Her family's dark secret. Her family experimented on Chiharu when she was just a week old for their dark and sick twisted needs. She is unaware of the sleeping power deep with in her. But one fateful encounter with the strange Mihale changes her life forever. He somehow knows of the dark secrets of her family. She learns of the terrible power she holds. Mihale offers her help in controling the beast. That's all I'll give you regarding the series. Should be enough to help you with comming up with a title ya?

I have a task for you all. Help me come up with a name for it.

How you can help:
Your DeviantArt/kcon name:
Segusted Manga title: [preferably something that's not taken]

Who ever can come up with a good manga title for me will get a pretty picture of the main character Chiharu Hisuke.

I've got a title for the manga, "Kuroppoi Tane" or "Dark Seed"

I'm uploading the pages right now. The first few pages should be up by 4:30 today
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