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Best Con Skits
« on: July 15, 2009, 05:26:18 pm »
I love watching con skits, and showing people my favorites. Let's have a skit party here!

Going through my YouTube favorites, here are my favorite skits:

Katsucon 2009- To be a Master, But Faster
This skit reminds me of such happy Pokemon memories.

Fanime 2008- Baccano!
I've never seen the anime, but they perform two dances in that are usually done very badly, but this skit does them well.

Abunai 2008- Spirited Away
Holy. Crap. This skit is so amazing, they used such cool effects. If nothing else, watch this skit.

Anime Boston 2008- Duck Hunt
These guys did the Tetris skit a while back, and this one is hilarious.

Sakuracon 2009- Sora the Explorer
I think everybody has seen this by now, but whoever thought this idea up is a genius.

Sakuracon 2009- Haruhi Searches for a New Dance
The beginning with that awesome costume change blows my mind.

Anime Next 2009- Revolutionary Girl Utena
Most flag twirling skits are terrible, but this one is so cool! I've never seen RGU, but the skit was awesome.

Anime Expo 2006- The True Power of the Clow
I haven't seen Card Capter Sakura (yeah, I know), but this skit is hilarious.

Anime Matsuri 2008- Fairly Odd Parents/Kingdom Hearts
The title may throw you off at first, but trust me, it's great.

Another Anime Convention 2008- And Now for Something Completely Different
Another Haruhi mixup skit. They have the Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei song in it, so that's bonus points.

Anime LA 2008- Sailor Moon Transformation
This was the first skit I ever saw, and it's my favorite.

Share your favorite skits with me! There are a few others I like that I forgot to favorite, but hopefully they'll pop up here :D
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Re: Best Con Skits
« Reply #1 on: July 16, 2009, 08:46:27 am »
I'll show my favorites from last year's K-Con.

Three Sword Style-

The Elite Beat/Osudan Battle-

The Anime Hunters Election Skit Goes on until 7:40