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Re: Old School gamers
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Me seems to think this is not an old school game O.O
Me seems to think none of the others listed with it were either...

On the topic of old school games, my Wii is being super modded as we speak to have every single old school game there is... ;D My god I am so excited, I can play old games for HOURS on end without losing interest lol. GOGO HOMEBREW CHANNEL FTW!!

-crawls in Chris' window in the middle of the night to play his wii-

I hope I don't scare Jessica too much... O.O
I meant the original Warcrafts unless that doesnt count either. The oldest games I had played were in the 90's. Except for the original super marios.
The originals weren't called "WoW" would have needed to clarify that lol. They aren't really very old school games though...but I still liked them & find them far more entertaining than WoW. :P