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Super RPG Battles: Rock-paper-scissors
« on: June 12, 2009, 12:47:10 am »
I am hoping to hold a small panel for people to learn how to play this self-made evolution of Rock-paper-scissors. everyone who comes would get a powers list to fill out and use against each other in a small tournament.

The game is pretty much the same, play until someone gets 5 wins.
The play to 10 points and get to use powers and attacks of your favorite characters. No matter what the power is, it should be able to fall under one of the several power types, and use one of two random generators: rock-paper-scissors, and number-guessing. The rest is just the flair of calling the character's attacks and roleplaying as them.

This game, once learned, can be played anywhere. Even in the hallways or parks at conventions. I'm also trying to recruit people to demonstrate the game through a battle as a skit in the cosplay contest.
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