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Hello there! I'll get right to the point. *ahem* I was at the Kumoricon General Staff meeting in Eugene, OR on May 17th, 2009. I was a bit late but nothing too bad, heh. I've been to Kumoricon and Sakuracon 3 times each (6 times total, respectively) and I went there, finally deciding that I want to be Staff at a con. Well, after talking about it for a while, figuring out what I wanted to do and what would be best for me and my time at the con, it was decided and agreed upon by all those I was talking with (don't remember names, gomen. ^_^;) that I would be one of the Room Monitor Staffers..I forget now the 'official' name for it, but it's the one that has only has 3~5people in the whole group. And woot, I would be one! Fantastic. ^^

  Anyway I paid my $10 and filled out the form for Staff as best I could. It asked for your name you wanted on your badge. I suddenly wasn't sure about the spelling of 'Rurouni' for the part in my badge name, so I asked someone, they weren't sure either. Oh well no big deal, so I put down what I believed was correct.

Here is the MAIN reason that I'm e-mailing. *ahem* The form ALSO asked for your username on the Kumoricon forums. At the time, I was unsure what it was as I had not used it in some time and I put what I thought it might be....which was incorrect.  They said it was no big deal and that they could figure it out, I believe that is because they had my correct e-mail that if I HAD already registered on there, that is the one I would have used----which I had done when I made THIS username.

Now here is the main PROBLEM. That info was partly wanted so that I could be sent my Staff name/password for the log-on to the special Staff area on the Kumoricon site/forum...whatever. It's been 1 1/2 months now and I still haven't gotten it. Should have done something about it sooner, but rawr, don't most con goers/staff/anime fans know that procrastinating feeling? ^^ *cough* Plus I thought I would give it some time..but after a 3 weeks I'd say that's long enough, wouldn't you? Least it's not a few days before I took action right? 6-03-09 I first e-mailed (with mostly the same stuff), then on 6-6-09 I sent a e-mail to about this issue...but haven't got a answer and I'm ..well, I'm past STARTING to get worried. ^_^;;;

WELL I would quite like to have that now. ^_^; *cough* The Kumoricon Staff Retreat is fast approaching (June 12th~14th) and while of course it does not need NEARLY as much planning as a convention (a.k.a no hotel worries...heh), I do need to know more info and be able to have readily available access to those Staff sections (both forum and the main site). I suspect that because of the reasons I said for the forum name, things were a might bit confused/mixed up.

Cosplay you may know me as/recognize me as: Kenshin Himura (with the real long red hair) from Rurouni Kenshin. (Lol, didn't guess THAT one coming did you? *sarcasmmmmm* ^.^) Hopefully that will help speed up things. *nod nod* Well, please get back to me you, or who(m)ever reads this/will be answering with the info. I'm pretty much positive I'll be going to the Kumoricon Staff Retreat at this point,...if granted I get the info I neeeed! *chuckles*

Alright, guess that's it for now! Thanks a lot for taking the time to read this and I hope that it wasn't too confusing! *bows head* Arigatou! ^_^ Laters.

P.S. If you need any info to verify my identity, or whatever, please just either e-mail me (e-mail in my profile..and if not, it's ), or message me on here either in this post or in a private message. ^_^; Please get to me as soon as possible! THANKS!
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Re: Kumoricon Staff Retreat, Panel Staff position and log-in name!‏
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I remember you from the meeting.  I will check with the secretary to make sure you were added to the staff list, and see what is happening with your log-in info.  I will email you about the staff retreat info.
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