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LOST fanfic, anyone?
« on: May 19, 2009, 01:17:57 pm »
Anyone here love LOST as much as I do? Anyone write (or dream about) LOST fanfic? Anyone able to refer me to any fun-to-read LOST fanfic? (BTW, if any of you are LOST shippers, my leanings are "LeFleur"/Juliette, and Hurley/Libby (in fact I think that Libby's David was Hurley's Dave).) I'd be most interested in fanfics either around those characters, around Miles and Pierre Chang, around Daniel Faraday (in any time frame), around what the Dharma Initiative founders were really after, around what happened when the Black Rock folks arrived, around Jacob and his "adversary" and their conversation in the first few minutes of the *mind-blowing* season 5 finale, or especially around what is really up with Richard Alpert.
I also have interest in coming up with crossover/fusion fanfic, wherein Miles and/or Hurley use their abilities to learn from and/or communicate with those deceased, in conjunction with the folks from Corpse Delivery Service (or, for that matter, the folks from Pushing Daisies).
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