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Zelos was a lot of fun to do. I even wrote down some of his quotes to memorize and a number of girls were impressed when they heard them.
You do have a point about the cosplay scene. Although cons have always had a large percentage of cosplayers, there is definitely a higher number, just because of the growing attendance. And I know what you mean about appreciation. From '11 to '14, I chose to dress as Locke, Edgar and Sabin, and despite good resemblances, few people recognized me. During that time, I also cosplayed Soul from the scene where he got caught cheating on the test and was certain that I a lot of people would react, just because the scene was so memorable, and I had never seen anyone do him that way before.
And that was the easiest one I had ever done, because all I needed was a white wig, a stitch mark drawn on my chest and blue swim shorts with bone cut-outs stuck on.
And at Kumoricon '12, I saw a girl in a Locke cosplay that was better and fancier than the one I wore the previous year and even it had few reactions.
But although I didn't get frequent comments and picture requests for the FF6 characters I did, I still had fun with the costumes, since I was able to find ways to get in-character. (i.e. As Sabin, I acted out cosplay character battles with blitz moves.)

Regarding a Super Nintendo, that's great to know. Harvest Moon is one of a small number of SNES games that sells for a lot, with another being Earthbound (a game I regret not getting the year it was released), which is to RPGs what Honus Wagner is to baseball cards, although less expensive.
If you can't find a SNES copy of FF4 at a used game store, be sure to order one on-line.

PS: If you own a Nintendo Switch, get Go Vacation if you don't have it. I play that game a lot with Miis I made of different video game and anime characters and would like to find more people to play it with. It would be awesome to do different mini-games multi-player with other people as names from Zelda, Final Fantasy, Tales, Soul Eater or Ouran.

PPS: Given that we're getting pretty off-topic (lol), it might be better that we continue this discussion in private messaging. If you'd like to PM me, feel free to.

General Kumoricon / Re: Not a lot of activity here--are we chatting somewhere else?
« Last post by PicklePet on December 04, 2019, 10:03:31 am »
No worries!You cosplayed as Duo too, niiiice~ That reaction to your Zelos is awesome, props to that gal for making that reference. ^_^ You've reminded me how any time I was low on gels I would just exit and re-enter the town with Zelos as the party leader a couple times and do a round talking to all the ladies, hahaha.The cosplay scene has definitely changed - as more people get into it there's a growing expectation for things to look professional, thanks to professional cosplayers, companies that mass produce cosplays and commissions. Not to mention there are just more people cosplaying in general at events so it's harder to stick out. Not to say this is all bad, it creates a larger pool of cool cosplays to be seen. But I do feel like there's been a general shift from appreciating the thought that goes into a cosplay to appreciating how polished it looks, and that makes me sad.

Now that you say just buy an SNES - I was convinced it'd be super expensive (since I was able to sell my used Harvest Moon SNES cartridge for like, ~150 I think) but the system and the cartridge are being sold for less than that so hot dang, I guess I will buy one. XD
Washougal_Otaku: That's a good idea.

PicklePet: Sorry for taking so long to respond. I had a lot going on last week.
Regarding the Lloyd cosplay. I know what you mean. It is nice when someone wants to hug you because they love the character so much. What's cool about that moment was it was the same place where I got a hug two years before when I cosplayed as Duo from Gundam Wing. I miss getting a lot of reactions when cosplaying. It doesn't happen remotely as much as before and I had some good luck when I did the Tales characters, with the most notable being Zelos. A lot of people were impressed and on one occasion, a girl gave me a stick of Pocky, since you get free items from females when he's in the front of the party.

Regarding Final Fantasy 4. I recommend going to a store that sells used games and getting a Super Nintendo, so you can play it. And I know what you mean about wanting a remake to be good. The DS one totally delivers, but is a better experience if you play the Super Nintendo version first. There's a lot to like about the original and playing through it will make the remake even more satisfying. Despite how long playing through the original would take, it's well worth the time.
Elections Archives / Re: 2020 Elections Nominations
« Last post by JeffT on December 01, 2019, 04:07:29 pm »
I've copied the two questions to the corresponding Discord channels.

Please note that you can also use Discord entirely through their web app, without installing anything.
Elections Archives / Re: 2020 Elections Nominations
« Last post by Washougal_Otaku on December 01, 2019, 03:59:19 pm »
JeffT's first post says:

 ;D You're right.  I see that now.

Question for the Publicity candidate/s: What sort of ideas do you have to help bring more traffic to the forums?  Would it be possible to include an icon on the front page that links to the forums?

Question for the Operations candidate/s: How will you approach an increase in security and Yojimbo for next year's con, which is a few days after the 2020 Presidential election?
Elections Archives / Re: 2020 Elections Nominations
« Last post by PicklePet on December 01, 2019, 03:45:10 pm »
Is there an alternative way to submit questions?  My current computer doesn't have Discord, and given how it always slows down whatever computer I have, I'd rather not install Discord again.
JeffT's first post says:
"Questions may also be asked in this forum thread. One of the election moderators or tellers will copy that question to the appropriate channel on our staff Discord."
So I think just post your question here, some one will relay it to the discord and if there's an answer they'll post it here?
Elections Archives / Re: 2020 Elections Nominations
« Last post by Washougal_Otaku on December 01, 2019, 03:35:19 pm »
Is there an alternative way to submit questions?  My current computer doesn't have Discord, and given how it always slows down whatever computer I have, I'd rather not install Discord again.
Maybe it's just me, but I think a lot of the inactivity has to do with the con's website not having an immediately visible link to it. While you can still find a a link there when you put the arrow on where it says "Get involved," I think people are more likely to visit if they see the word Forums on main menu.
I still prefer message boards over social media, because topics are more organized and so many Facebook pages tend to be very hostile.

One thing I think would be good to suggest to the staff would be to have the forums listed on the main menu instead of a sub-link. It was approximately at that time when it became less active and I think a more noticeable link would really help.

That's a pretty good idea.  Perhaps someone should shoot an email to the correct department (which appears to be Publicity).
General Kumoricon / Re: KumoriApp - Idea Drafting
« Last post by PicklePet on November 29, 2019, 01:52:54 pm »
Captain's log: earthdate 11/29/2019... lol jk but nah I just need somewhere to decompress a little bit of my rabbit hole learning.Have you ever wondered how the internet is built?! Well boy do I have a story for you - they don't call it the 'web' for nothing.
To start off with, there are two distinct sides to a website. The front-end/client-side (what you the user can see and interact with directly) and the back-end/server-side (all the logic and algorithms working behind the scenes basically).
The front-end (which is basically all I've been learning so far) is composed of 3 file types/languages:
  • HTML - the skeleton of a website - this contains the actual things that you will see on the page - i.e. headings, paragraphs, images, etc. The other two file types must be linked to this one to do anything.
  • CSS - completely controls the appearance of the HTML. Can change the color, size, position, order, font type, opacity of the 'things' in the HTML.
  • JavaScript(aka JS) - the brains of the operation. More of what your normal programming language is - it can compute & perform functions. In terms of the front end, I believe it's mostly used for form validation (checking that your input looks correct before actually submitting it) and any 'same-page-manipulation' - which can be used for games, simple single-session functions (like conversion tools (ex. inches to miles or Celsius to Fahrenheit) or a mad-lib) and the coolest part is you can use JS to dynamically effect HTML and CSS, meaning you can change the content(somewhat) and look of a page based on whatever circumstances you program.
Cool, once you have those basics down you think you're ready to go, right? NOT EVEN CLOSE. There's an ocean of tools out there that are great for streamlining and expediting building sites and apps. It's great that they exist! It's overwhelming to figure out what I need to learn and piece it all together. Thus why I'm writing this. XD Here are the pieces I've been working with at least.
  • The DOM - this is technically a part of HTML & JavaScript (it's how JS is able to effect the HTML's content) but it wasn't in either of the courses I took for either and it took me a while to figure out so I want to count it separately. : [
  • Less/Sass:(two rival tools for doing the same thing) These are called CSS Preprocessors - basically they add some very nice additional syntax to CSS (a shorter way to write the same end result). So you write a .less or .sass file, then you run it through a compiler - which is basically a program that will translate your file into a .css file.
  • Responsive Design - Basically the art of tastefully changing a page's layout based on the size of the screen it's being viewed on. Trying to prevent people on mobile from having to pinch and zoom.
  • Bootstrap: a CSS framework* specifically geared towards building responsive mobile-first designs (meaning the mobile layout has #1 priority)
  • Angular/React: (rivals again) JavaScript frameworks*. From what I understand so far they primarily help with DOM manipulation (which is kinda clunky out of the box)
  • Git - version control. If you've ever played a video game on an emulator you've probably used save states. That's basically what git is - you can make save states of your code in case you try something new and mess it up, you can recover where you were before that.
*a framework (haven't really gotten too far into these so my understanding is subject to change) is kind of like a collection of semi-built pieces to make building faster, except I don't think the piece is completely built and I think you can customize a bit about it.
Alright, and that's just the front-end. I haven't even really gotten into the back-end except for my curiosity so far. Here's what I've found: (Geez I need a whiteboard)
  • Databases - like it sounds, this is where the data gets stored. More specifically not the files like .html etc. but rather things like usernames, passwords, user settings, post content, user uploaded images, etc. SQL is the language for talking to a database. It can either be accessed directly by the programmers on the server-side (through CLI or a program like Microsoft SQL or MongoDB) but also things are retrieved, edited, added and deleted based on client-side interaction (obviously only through very controlled channels).
  • Web Application - is a program on the server-side that basically is a middle-man between the front-end and the database I think, it can be made of one of many languages. (most common seem to be NodeJS, PHP, Python & Ruby. JS is a weird language in that it can only work through a browser. NodeJS is an application for basically making it work like any other, so you can use it without a browser.) So I think this is where more thorough validation is done (say for things like transactions or login verification) and also evil algorithms can track your history and preferences and change page content based on them. : d I've been told is fool hardy to try and make a web application without a framework so tack another step on the list...
  • Command-line interface - this kind of just comes with any programming I think (except for front-end because that all works through a browser) but it's worth mentioning here - the vast majority of people use their computers with whats called a GUI (graphic user interface) - so you know how on your desktop you've got a mouse pointer and icons and a taskbar and you use those to navigate your system? Well, you can do all that same navigation with just typing. That's what the CLI is. Every computer has one. Of course you have to know the right syntax to navigate through it, but you can automate tasks with it which is pretty darn neat. It's important to know because that's what programs open with unless you specify another interface (I'm pretty sure at least XD).
HTTP has come up in several places and I get the basic gist of it but none of the explanations have been solid enough for me to make it a bullet. I'm trying desperately to figure out exactly how to allow user input to a database. Something as simple as an anonymous guestbook. I'm about to take a course on NodeJS, hopefully that will answer my question or at least point me where I need to go next.

Well. *sigh of relief* At least I got that off my chest. Maybe now I can read in peace. XD
Cosplay / Re: Kumoricon 2019 - Photo dumps!
« Last post by PicklePet on November 26, 2019, 07:42:31 pm »
Yess~ if I get bored and lonely later I might find my favorite picture from every post and put a thumbnail size of it next to the link as a preview. XDI always feel like I've got my foot in my mouth when I try to talk to people about their cosplay or when they try to talk to me about mine, ahaha.
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