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Posting Games and Chat / Re: What word comes to your mind?
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Posting Games and Chat / Re: Caption for the Avatar above you GAME
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Posting Games and Chat / Re: The Anime ABC game!
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Posting Games and Chat / Re: The Band Name Game Returns
« Last post by JaegerDarkness on August 24, 2020, 02:58:48 am »
So, filling in the bl_nks, the six vertical lines of text read, from right to left:
"Egg bacon spam
Egg bacon sausage spam
Spam bacon sausage spam
Spam egg spam spam bacon spam
Spam spam spam spam spam beans
Spam spam spam spam"

Now THAT'S funny!

Season 5, ep 2, 6min 51 sec: "Šaltibarščiai" (SAL-ti-BARSH-chyai) is a Lithuanian beet soup which includes horseradish, scallions and cucumber - preferable grated RAW and mixed with chopped hardboiled eggs into a kefir (or sour milk or buttermilk) base and allowed to sit overnight, then garnished with freshly crushed dill. Optional dash of lemon juice, and a dab of sour cream is often welcome in Slavic and Eastern European soups.
It's actually pretty easy to make at home and it will keep in the fridge for a number of days (as in as long as you can STAND having it in your fridge...)
Šaltibarščiai is served chilled alongside HOT baked potatoes with a little butter and salt.The beets turn the sour milk base into a bright pink or fuchsia "Pepto-Bismol" color:I am NOT kidding:

The taste is nearly indescribable but the first word I might use is "astringent."

Happy home-cooking to ALL.

- G

@Rurutie8  Yes, saw that one too. GnP also included that momentary cutaway to a Viking longboat (COULD HAVE USED VINLAND SAGA!)

Say, the next time somebody makes an AMV of short SILLIES all strung together, Vinland Saga would make a Great "Spam Spam Spam" cut!
OVA-2 of the anime Girls und Panzer also features a homage to the Month Python "Sapm" sketch.  To avoid possible copyright issues, the characters say, "*pam."
General Kumoricon / Re: Not a lot of activity here--are we chatting somewhere else?
« Last post by prussia on January 18, 2020, 03:33:58 am »
im going to add from my last comment that anyone can be a child preditors, even women, when i met some of these people they were assigned afab at birth.

there’s also a disturbing amount of adults who give and supply minors with weed alcohol and other drugs at kumoricon, the person #2 from my last comment also provided me and other minors with alcohol when we never asked, and convinced multiple minors including me to try it, i never even considered drinking or smoking until after interacting with person #2 who introduced me to drinking and smoking when taking me
to a sexually driven college party, marketing it to me as a cosplay party or meetup with friends. :( :’(
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