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So, filling in the bl_nks, the six vertical lines of text read, from right to left:
"Egg bacon spam
Egg bacon sausage spam
Spam bacon sausage spam
Spam egg spam spam bacon spam
Spam spam spam spam spam beans
Spam spam spam spam"

Now THAT'S funny!

Season 5, ep 2, 6min 51 sec: "Šaltibarščiai" (SAL-ti-BARSH-chyai) is a Lithuanian beet soup which includes horseradish, scallions and cucumber - preferable grated RAW and mixed with chopped hardboiled eggs into a kefir (or sour milk or buttermilk) base and allowed to sit overnight, then garnished with freshly crushed dill. Optional dash of lemon juice, and a dab of sour cream is often welcome in Slavic and Eastern European soups.
It's actually pretty easy to make at home and it will keep in the fridge for a number of days (as in as long as you can STAND having it in your fridge...)
Šaltibarščiai is served chilled alongside HOT baked potatoes with a little butter and salt.The beets turn the sour milk base into a bright pink or fuchsia "Pepto-Bismol" color:I am NOT kidding:

The taste is nearly indescribable but the first word I might use is "astringent."

Happy home-cooking to ALL.

- G

@Rurutie8  Yes, saw that one too. GnP also included that momentary cutaway to a Viking longboat (COULD HAVE USED VINLAND SAGA!)

Say, the next time somebody makes an AMV of short SILLIES all strung together, Vinland Saga would make a Great "Spam Spam Spam" cut!
OVA-2 of the anime Girls und Panzer also features a homage to the Month Python "Sapm" sketch.  To avoid possible copyright issues, the characters say, "*pam."
General Kumoricon / Re: Not a lot of activity here--are we chatting somewhere else?
« Last post by prussia on January 18, 2020, 03:33:58 am »
im going to add from my last comment that anyone can be a child preditors, even women, when i met some of these people they were assigned afab at birth.

there’s also a disturbing amount of adults who give and supply minors with weed alcohol and other drugs at kumoricon, the person #2 from my last comment also provided me and other minors with alcohol when we never asked, and convinced multiple minors including me to try it, i never even considered drinking or smoking until after interacting with person #2 who introduced me to drinking and smoking when taking me
to a sexually driven college party, marketing it to me as a cosplay party or meetup with friends. :( :’(
General Kumoricon / Re: Not a lot of activity here--are we chatting somewhere else?
« Last post by prussia on January 18, 2020, 02:40:05 am »
i’m adding TW: because i realized i’m literally triggering myself a little by posting this. i’m literally afraid for my life to link their social media or post any names they do or have gone by.
tw:preditor tw:child preditors #child preditor #pedophile

i’m not meaning to start drama this is just the real reason for me and probably for alot of other people. to be frank i’m probably never going to kumoricon ever again, yeah it was really fun a couple times but its full of pedophiles. when i was 15 i had a 22 year old lie to me about their age to date me saying they had just turned 18, and starting at age 15 a 20 year old started grooming me to trust them as my best friend and number one source of knowledge and opinions, while additionally  pressuring me up until i finally turned 18 to date them. both of which i met through kumoricon and cosplay meetups i set up through the kumoricon forums. the second person mentioned begged me every day to break up with my boyfriends and to date them and that something must be wrong with /me/ for not trying to date them. at the time i was under the age of consent and they were nearly old enough to buy liquor. i literally wanted to kill myself during and after both of these instances, one of which lasted about 5 years(the second person mentioned.) when i finally was at the my breaking point and just had turned 18 they really started putting the pressure on me more and more and i finally just agreed to date them after being convinced that otherwise i’d be alone forever. after a couple weeks i tried to respectfully break up with them and stay friends and they went wild on me, stole 200$ from me 200$ from my grandparrents locked my esa (emotional support animal) out of out apartment, broke a bunch of my stuff, broke my bed in and stole a ton of cosplay and other stuff that i can’t even think about but slowly notice over the years(i was so heartbroken and afraid for my animal when they did this that i literally didn’t even count my stuff when i packed my bags and moved out in 3 days)

after i broke up with him and decided i wanted to have a chance to date people my
own age for once he started stalking me and my partners online, messaging me threatening to beat me and kill me and telling me, my family memebers and my partners throughout the years following to kill ourselves. he literally messaged me saying he was going to beat me to a pulp and get his cosplay friends and his siblings to beat me bloody if they ever saw me again especially at a convention. and if i report it the death threats are probably going to start avalanching in on me again, plus i’m nervous nothing would be able to be done because i didn’t actually allow him to date me until after i was 18, even though he was constantly flirting with me, asking me about my sexual fantasys, touching my legs and arms sensually and asking me to undress in front of him on multiple occassions before i was 18. both of these people have also changed their names countless times, and even their gender orientation a fee times to try to escape their reputations, and any repercussions. i’m nervous too for the kids that have to be exppsed to people like this. i’ve seen both the people i’ve mentioned and many other adults at kumoricon flirt with minors and try to play it off as a joke or a game, unfortunately as a teenager i was stupid enough to fall for it and stupid enough to believe the bad people when they said what they were doing was ok. its not a game and honestly if someone is acting like your comfort level is a game thats even a bigger sign that they are unsafe!

it makes me so sad because i literally started going to anime conventions to escape bullying in high school
and middle school, and now i feel like literally because i choose not to date an adult as minor and when i was barely legal continued to express discomfort in it i feel like worse than bullying will happen to me at a con like i’m seriously worried that i’ll be hospitalized or killed because i expressed discomfort, and i think everyone should have the right to their comfort and no one should have to feel harassed as minors or even as adults sexually or romantically or otherwise tbh. At the moment the only anime convention i feel comfortable going to is sakuracon, and i’m still nervous daily and have nightmares about it nightly, and being assulted at con. i pray to goodness that someday i regain the courage to go to other anime conventions again, but at the moment as it stands i could never see myself paying to go to kumoricon ever again. and  thats the sad reality of my kumoricon experience.

i used to set up monthly and biweekly cosplay meets via the forums and i would not reccomend it to anyone who cannot afford to set up proper security or in an area where law officials would be able to make a change the second it becomes necessary.
I was re-watching a sweet old show called "Natsu no Arashi" (2009) and in ep 2 the kid gets lost in town and stumbles upon the cafe which is the setting for most of the show. As he enters, there's a menu taped to the wall. (See attachment) You know how Japanese uses large circles to "bleep out" characters, like when we write F_CK or SH_T in English for swear words? The menu includes ""S_M," "_PAM," and "SPA_." Got it yet?

So, filling in the bl_nks, the six vertical lines of text read, from right to left:
"Egg bacon spam
Egg bacon sausage spam
Spam bacon sausage spam
Spam egg spam spam bacon spam
Spam spam spam spam spam beans
Spam spam spam spam"

That Monty Python skit aired in 1970!

Elections / Re: 2020 Elections Nominations
« Last post by on December 09, 2019, 10:45:13 pm »
I, Ben Riker, Accept The Nomination For Director Of Operations.
Zelos was a lot of fun to do. I even wrote down some of his quotes to memorize and a number of girls were impressed when they heard them.
You do have a point about the cosplay scene. Although cons have always had a large percentage of cosplayers, there is definitely a higher number, just because of the growing attendance. And I know what you mean about appreciation. From '11 to '14, I chose to dress as Locke, Edgar and Sabin, and despite good resemblances, few people recognized me. During that time, I also cosplayed Soul from the scene where he got caught cheating on the test and was certain that I a lot of people would react, just because the scene was so memorable, and I had never seen anyone do him that way before.
And that was the easiest one I had ever done, because all I needed was a white wig, a stitch mark drawn on my chest and blue swim shorts with bone cut-outs stuck on.
And at Kumoricon '12, I saw a girl in a Locke cosplay that was better and fancier than the one I wore the previous year and even it had few reactions.
But although I didn't get frequent comments and picture requests for the FF6 characters I did, I still had fun with the costumes, since I was able to find ways to get in-character. (i.e. As Sabin, I acted out cosplay character battles with blitz moves.)

Regarding a Super Nintendo, that's great to know. Harvest Moon is one of a small number of SNES games that sells for a lot, with another being Earthbound (a game I regret not getting the year it was released), which is to RPGs what Honus Wagner is to baseball cards, although less expensive.
If you can't find a SNES copy of FF4 at a used game store, be sure to order one on-line.

PS: If you own a Nintendo Switch, get Go Vacation if you don't have it. I play that game a lot with Miis I made of different video game and anime characters and would like to find more people to play it with. It would be awesome to do different mini-games multi-player with other people as names from Zelda, Final Fantasy, Tales, Soul Eater or Ouran.

PPS: Given that we're getting pretty off-topic (lol), it might be better that we continue this discussion in private messaging. If you'd like to PM me, feel free to.

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