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Title: novella contest winners
Post by: RemSaverem on October 10, 2004, 11:28:22 pm
thanks for everyone's patience!

winner of the novella contest:
       michael hopcroft, for 80+page slayers fic, "slayer's inheritence".
           **watch for this to be serialized in "the kosmix"! an offline zine created by folks involved in fanfic programming, yet entirely separate from and not affiliated with kumoricon.

second place:
        edward liljeholm, for the vampire hunter d fic, "metamorphosis".

"judge's choice award: the novella i would love to see performed as fanfic theater cosplay:
        shen travis, for the hilarious and cute naruto fic, "want you to want me."

judge's choice award: best backstory:
         dustin, for the DBZ fic ,"breaking point".
            **about "best backstory"--imho, fics are best if they come with some kind of prelude for the reader, contextualizing where their fic would, or would not, fit in with the canon; and those dearest to me emotionally are those about which the author also expresses what the fic means to him or her, personally. filkaeris tends to be the best i've seen at contextualizing a fic with the canon, for helping me understand the contexts of her final fantasy fics i've betad. (thanks! love ya!) dustin knows why this award is his!

and last but not least:
          this category is actually contest-wide, not limited to novellas:
          best work-in-progress (non-finished fic):
                karen l. black, for the big o fic, "dorothy's chickens".

any of you who have not yet received your prizes, be in touch and let me know how to find you! thanks and love! and see you next year!

coming soon.....details on the BEST BETA contests for next year!!

Title: novella contest winners
Post by: Dustin on October 11, 2004, 10:34:02 pm
Holy crap, I won something.

I am just in pure shock right now.

Cool, and great job reading through all of that Rem!

That must have been hard.  :D
Title: novella contest winners
Post by: RemSaverem on October 11, 2004, 11:04:15 pm
it was time-intensive, but highly rewarding.

oh and not only did you win something, but you and filkaeris share credit for *my developing a whole new category*: "best backstory".