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Title: Comic could be for sale this year!!!!
Post by: bastett08 on March 05, 2008, 08:38:47 pm
Hey, guys!  This is Kerry aka "Bastett."  This'll be my 4th year at the con and I'm so thrilled because I've got some extra gooey surprises in store for you guys!

1. My calendar is going to be published through Borders this year!  Yes!  And I hope to be able to sell it early at the con for those interested in my work.

2. I've been working on some rare images for the show such as Clamp, more Death Note, Final Fantasy 7, and Di Gi Charat!  I also have some DC and Hellboy images up for sale this year... Yeah, non-anime related!  *shock*

3. I hope HOPE to get my comic book up and running this year.  Yes!  I plan to sell Two of One Blood this year at Kumoricon 2008!  This is HUGE for my fans of my work. 

Story: "Two of One Blood" is the story of Lena Rippenson, the last of the vampire slayer clan on the planet Daisey.  The planet has been governed by a corrupt leader who neglects to fight the evil of the land; the vampire race lead by their ruler, Lord Morgan.  Lena was the only one left to fight for the people when she is cursed with the Two of One Blood: a curse that ties the slayer and her mortal enemy together for all eternity.  Basically, the two cannot kill each other and the vampire takes the full power of the Two of One Blood from his victim (I will not reveal what the power is but it's pretty big).  Now Lena must fight for a new planet and come to terms with her lost past.

It's got lots of action, gruesome fight scenes, love, comedy and horror!  I hope you all like this.  I've been working on this series for a while now and my editor and I are working really hard to make issue one a killer copy to have in your collection.

Please check out my gallery and let me know what you think of my work, certainly picks you want copies of for the show and check out the other shows I will be at.  I'll brings tons of new stuff with me, promise.


THanks again and I hope to see you ALL at the show!  *bows*
Title: Re: Comic could be for sale this year!!!!
Post by: RemSaverem on March 07, 2008, 12:44:55 am
Congratulations, this is so exciting sweetie!

To those who don't know, our super-talented and super-sweet Kerry also was the genesis of the immensely popular, Copic-sponsored coloring page contests run in the Creation Station!
Title: Re: Comic could be for sale this year!!!!
Post by: bastett08 on March 09, 2008, 07:01:31 pm
Gah!  Thank you!   ;D  I am really stoked about this.  I've been working extra hard to get this comic together and to even imagine it at the con is scary enough!  There are a lot of fans of Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the con and I guess my biggest issue is... will anyone actually read my series?  Please, give it a read.  It's not your average high school girl-turned vampire slayer.  In fact Lena isn't even educated and she lives on some remote planet outside of our solar system. 

*blush*  Awe, you're too sweet, Rem!  Thanks.  I hope to get some new stuff this year for the con.  I've been working on a lot of new stuff for various cons and sadly K-con's been the last on my list.  I have a big con coming up in May: Emerald City Comiccon.  HUGE!  Greg Ruka, Eric Powell and Tim Sale (Heroes) is going to be there!  *faints.... wakes up*  Ok, so I will totally help out this year in the creation station.  I love hanging out there. 

See you then!