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Title: 2006 May 21st GM Minutes
Post by: EcchiSpice on May 22, 2006, 07:15:25 am
May Meeting Minutes will be up by tomorrow night.

I am leaving Friday morning for San Jose to cover Fanime, so anything pertinent that needs to come through the chair must arrive before then, or else it will have to wait until early June.

Those of you who have it can reach me at my cell number, and I will endeavor to check my emails when I can get access on the laptop.

Hopefully, the minutes will be informative enough to hold us for a little while.
Title: 2006 May 21st GM Minutes
Post by: guspasho on May 22, 2006, 11:38:18 am
We will be as in-touch as we can be, those of you who already have our phone numbers feel free to continue to contact us via phone. Phone coverage down I-5 is pretty good for the most part, from what I understand. We will also be checking email and the forums as much as we can- very likely from the Kcon table at Fanime if wifi is provided, and will respond when we can.
Title: 2006 May 21st GM Minutes
Post by: Kendra on June 04, 2006, 04:29:11 pm
If you could post the meeting notes I'm sure I'm not the one who would appreciate it greatly. I like to know what's going on. Thanks!
Title: 2006 May 21st GM Minutes
Post by: EcchiSpice on June 07, 2006, 05:58:46 pm
People actually read these? :)

Sorry for the delay. I actually had fairly limited computer time while I was on vacation. (Had fun btw)

Meeting Minutes for May 21, 2006

General Announcements
Staff Registration-
All staff are required to fill out the staff registration form, including those who have already registered. You can get this form at the next general meeting, or contact personnel.

Giant Posters –
We have two giant posters which will be on display at various events, and sold at the charity auction. These posters were donated by Skanska USA and Meg Uhde (chair).

Flyers and Posters –
Flyers are complete and available for distribution at the general meetings. A downloadable version will be up soon, but staff is encouraged to distribute originals if possible. The main use of the 4"x4" flyers will be for publicity through the street team. To join the street team and promote Kumoricon officially, please contact Sara at sb@bellethecat.com    

Merchandise –
We will be experimenting with merchandise this year. Up for sale will be T shirts with mascot image, shoulder bags, coin purses, magnets, and buttons, with the official logo and/ or mascot.

Fanime –
Kumoricon will be at Fanime. Please stop by and help run the table if you will be there.
Mascot Contest –
The mascot contest for Kumoricon 2007 is currently underway. Cutoff date for all entries is July 1st, to allow plenty of time for voting. The new mascot will be announced at con.

A-Key-Kyo and Piano Squall have been added to our list of guests. Visit the guests section of the site for detailed information on there awesome people!

Announcements made during Small Groups
First Aid Training
Kumoricon will not be sponsoring Red Cross training, due to several logistical issues. We will have a plan of action in place to ensure the utmost safety of our staff and attendees, as we always have.
Borrowing Yojimbo
If you are a Yojimbo, please consider yourself part of Publicity’s Street Team. This is the main group of trained individuals who will inform the public about Kumoricon. For more information on street team, contact Sara at sb@bellethecat.com

Operations Needs list from Sakuracon
Be sure to have all info to your director regarding any equipment needs that your panel or event might need. Some equipment can be borrowed from Sakuracon, and they need our list ASAP.

Get your panel requests in! You will not be able to run a panel or event if Brenda has not received your event form. Forms can currently be found on the contact page off the main website. (I know it’s a weird area. We’re working on it.)

Next meeting date in Eugene, Saturday, June 24.
Title: 2006 May 21st GM Minutes
Post by: EcchiSpice on June 07, 2006, 06:06:13 pm
i have no idea why the bold did that....
Title: 2006 May 21st GM Minutes
Post by: Negima on June 07, 2006, 06:33:43 pm
Quote from: "EcchiSpice"
i have no idea why the bold did that....

I see it.

At "Meeting Minutes" title you have it as [b/] .  It should be [ / b ] (minus the spaces)
Title: 2006 May 21st GM Minutes
Post by: Kendra on June 07, 2006, 07:33:13 pm
Thank you! I know I always read them, because I like to be updated about what's happenin in terms of convention prep, but I generally can't make it out to meetings. So these are appreciated and informative.