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Title: so in the end
Post by: animegher on June 09, 2004, 07:01:32 am
so.... in the end, have the categories for the fanfiction contest been determined? any more restrictions/rules/lil rules we should be aware of so that nobody gets emotionally scarred for the rest of the their lives that we should be aware of? i need this sort of stuff laid out in one, clear blow instead of looking through the forum, i just ended up confused.
Title: so in the end
Post by: Spit on June 20, 2004, 10:09:46 pm
what do you mean...sry im kindof slow...i don't understand things well. lol.
Title: so in the end
Post by: RemSaverem on June 21, 2004, 06:52:26 pm
thank you for asking, dear.

what would you like to see as the categories?

i had been considering:

best newbie (for people of any age who had not shared their work publicly before)

last year's categories were:
best piece: humorous and best piece: serious

i am open to any characterization, but those would be the defaults.

we could, for example, have a category for AU (alternate universe) stories, a category for angsty romances, a category for one-shots...

we could delineate by source (manga, film, series, game)

i am open to any and all suggestions

thanks for your interest!
Title: ...still missing a donut hole
Post by: on July 06, 2004, 06:26:51 am
-_- now there are too MANY options!
i suppose the usual categories of serious/humorous/angst/happy, etc, work...and best newbie also encourages a lot of people who have never done something before to do something! that would be good...
what about ratings/restrictions in content? because it seems really loose right now(and if so i plan to take full advantage)
Title: so in the end
Post by: RemSaverem on July 06, 2004, 07:26:10 pm
thanks for your inquiry.

last year, it was important to the person who was coordinating, and who is co-coordinating this year, for us to retain a "family-friendly" feel to the event, and thus, submissions were ostensibly restricted to a "pg-13" level. however, one of the submissions turned out to be a yuri, and i personally liked it a lot. i'll have to check with my co-coordinator, amy, regarding this issue.

i would imagine that if we did open to saucier works, that we would render those their own category.

one possibility that one member of our yahoo group proposed, was that if we do hold "fanfic bedtime stories," that we do so in 2 sessions: one early for all-ages-friendly pieces, one later for pieces that might be better suited for an audience of folks who could go to r-rated films.

i'll keep you posted! :)