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Title: Anime Binge-Watch Nights?
Post by: jeffry_fisher on August 13, 2017, 06:09:51 pm
How do you watch anime? Do watch alone on your PC? Do you visit friends who subscribe to feeds displayed on TV? I binge-watch anime, usually delayed until after a season is completed.

I live alone in a shoe-free house equipped with home theater (10' wide on-wall picture, 5.1 floor-shaking sound, and seating for about 25 friends). I'd like to make more friends... are you a like-minded otaku who would enjoy binge-watching new series, maybe one night each month?

If so, please let me know who you are (and give me your email) so I can put you on my invite email list. Note: Be prepared to bring snacks and drinks to share.

Jeff Fisher, Vancouver WA
aka UncleJeff: 702-292-1154 (c)