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Title: Anime Storefront opening in Tacoma, WA
Post by: Witchaven on October 22, 2015, 12:45:39 pm
Every year at Kumoricon (and other Conventions) we always get asked where my store is located. Sadly we have always have had to answer that we are Conventions and Online only... until now.
Sean's Anime & Other Things is proud to announce that in early November we will be opening our retail storefront in Tacoma, Washington.
Our storefront will include everything that you expect to see at our booth, from Model Kits, Figures, Plush, Videos, Keychains, Lanyards, Playing Cards and more. Just like at our booths at Conventions, 100% Bootleg Free. We are also looking at expanding our offerings to include Japanese Snacks, Special Orders and even some Gaming.
For this store to be successful, we are going to need everyone's help. Spread the word about our store so all the Anime Fans in the area (and those who visit from outside the area) can come check out our offerings. We are also looking for suggestions on what you would like to see us carry.
We want this store to be successful, but we would also like it to become a gathering place for local Anime Fans between Conventions. To that end, we are dedicating a portion of the store to be a social area to hold small events and gatherings at. If you have an idea for an event to hold or would like to schedule some time to run your own event please contact us at info@seansanime.com.

The address for the store is:
Sean's Anime & Other Things
4704 Oakes St. Suite #110
Tacoma, WA 98409

There is a lot of work being done on in the space right now that prevents us from giving an exact opening date right now, but as soon as we know for certain we will let everyone know.
Title: Re: Anime Storefront opening in Tacoma, WA
Post by: Witchaven on November 07, 2015, 05:07:08 am
Exciting news for those of you in the Tacoma Area.
Our Anime Storefront is now open.
Sadly the only thing we don't have ready are our signs, so we are a little hard to find. We are located between the Circle K and the Smoke Shop at 4704 Oakes St. S, Suite #110. If your familiar with the Tacoma Area, we are located very close to the Tacoma Mall, just down the street from Best Buy (past the transit center.)