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Title: 2015 Cosplay Chess: Team Assignments
Post by: Jamiche on September 01, 2015, 02:49:39 am
Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your patience while we sorted teams.  We received a nice variety in cosplays, so should make for some interesting games.

Here are the teams, ordered as they amused us :)

Late Night Chess Game - Sunday Night

Black Team

Chess Master: The Addams Family (Xander H & crew)

King:                The Undertaker (Erin L)

Queen:            Erza Scarlet (Neryssa G)

Bishop:            Deadpool (Mykel G)
                        Robin (Abrahan D)

Knight:             Katniss Everdeen (Aimee C)
                        Captain Marvel (Makenna C)

Rook:               Holo the Wise Wolf (Savanna V)
                        Amaterasu (Kendra W)

Pawn:              Kofuku (Luwanna S)
                        Inkling Boy (Blue) Amiibo (Josh A)
                        Monokuma (Rae T)
                        Natsu Dragneel (Nick N)
                        Yuki Cross (Ashley L)
                        White Mage (Amanda C)
                        Deadshot (Dylan P)
                        Shiro (Frances R)

White Team

Chess Master: Space Dandy & Meow (Brice S & Colin S)

King:                Anders (Jasmine G)

Queen:            Griffith (Simone B)

Bishop:            Harley Quinn (Heather B)
                        Lady Deadpool (Rachel L)

Knight:             Keiji Meada  (James F)
                        Gintoki Sakata (Joshua S)

Rook:               The Green Dragon Ranger (Patrick M)
                        No Face (Rebecca P)

Pawn:              Inkling Girl (Orange) Amiibo (Sam M)
                        Maria Kurenai (Victoria S)
                        Scorpion (Micah M)
                        Rima Touya (Emily S)
                        Prince Ashitaka (Mark C)
                        Roxas (Corey S)
                        Pyscho (Dylan H)
                        Junko (Rima T)

Pre-meet:        Sunday, 11pm-Midnight.  Game starts: 12:30am.

Daytime Chess Game - Monday

Black Team

Chess Master: Zechs Merquise & Lucrezia Noin (Amanda L & Makenna C)

King:                Thranduil (Kristen G)

Queen:            Ciel Phantomhive (Jessica H)

Bishop:            Gintoki Sanata (Sarah B)
                        Hashirama Senju/1st Hokage (Joshua S)

Knight:             Pearl (Jasmine G)
                        Rose Quartz (Erin L)

Rook:               Hikaru Hitachin/Karou Hitachin (Emily S/Victoria S)
                        Female Mogar (Isabella G)

Pawn:              Yuki Kuran (Katherine C)
                        Xion (Rachel R)
                        No Face (Rebecca P)
                        Shichika Yasuri (Casey C)
                        Black Canary (Selena M)
                        Johnny Cage (Thomas T)
                        Nepeta Leijon (China L)
                        Rinoa Hearlilly (Emerson H)

White Team

Chess Master: Mystery Chess Master (??)

King:                King of Hyrule (Corey E)

Queen:            Cinderella (Jade B)

Bishop:            Kirito & Klein (Brice S & Colin S)
                        Hellboy/Hellgirl (Jeannie G)

Knight:             White Power Ranger (Mykel G)
                        The Green Dragon Ranger (Patrick M)

Rook:               Grell Sutcliffe (Breanna E)
                        Madara Uchiha (Dylan P)

Pawn:              Charles Xavier (Alex M)
                        Hanayo (Rima T)
                        Ike (Abrahan D)
                        Kishin Asura  (Devin T)
                        Pikachu (Hannah C)
                        Yuuki Kuran (Savanna V)
                        Scorpion (Micah M)
                        Ty Lee (Aimee C)

Pre-meet:        Monday, 8:30am-10:00am.  Game starts: 10:30am.

If you submitted a form, but don't see your name here, you have been placed on the alternates list.  If one of the assigned pieces is unable to participate, you may be chosen to replace them.  If you submitted as a special attack, and your person is on the list, then you have been accepted also.

As a reminder, all players must attend the mandatory pre-meeting for your game unless you have made prior arrangements with me.  If you are not there after 30 minutes (11:30pm or 9:00am), you will be replaced on the board. If you have special attacks, they must be present as well. 

Remember, if your cosplay is not complete, you may be replaced.

If you are not on the list, and would like to help out by being a stage ninja/special attack during the game, then come to the pre-meet and we can chat.  There are no guarantees that you will be participating.  Due to some of the issues we have had in the past, I will more strict on who/how many extras will be allowed.

Email notifications are going out as well, with this same information.  If you have any questions, or decide you no longer wish/can participate, please let me know via e-mail or PM, or you can talk to me at con (someone is bound to know where I am).

See you guys this weekend!
Title: Re: 2015 Cosplay Chess: Team Assignments
Post by: dark4ever on September 01, 2015, 07:03:46 am
Holy crap, I'm a king for the night game and a knight for the day game! Better yet, my roommate is the king across the board from me for late night! Dang, alright, I'm super stoked! (Other than Undertaker being a rook the first year, I've only ever been a pawn!!!!)
Title: Re: 2015 Cosplay Chess: Team Assignments
Post by: Buzzibear13 on September 01, 2015, 08:12:05 am