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Title: General Meeting Minutes - February, March, April 2015
Post by: kjayers on April 25, 2015, 09:35:49 am
Here are the minutes from our recent meetings:

February: https://www.kumoricon.org/files/minutes/kumoricon-minutes-member-20150208.pdf (https://www.kumoricon.org/files/minutes/kumoricon-minutes-member-20150208.pdf)
March: https://www.kumoricon.org/files/minutes/kumoricon-minutes-member-20150314.pdf (https://www.kumoricon.org/files/minutes/kumoricon-minutes-member-20150314.pdf)
April: https://www.kumoricon.org/files/minutes/kumoricon-minutes-member-20150412.pdf (https://www.kumoricon.org/files/minutes/kumoricon-minutes-member-20150412.pdf)

Corrections can be either posted in this thread or emailed to secretary@kumoricon.org.  Please specify WHICH minutes contain the error you are addressing.

I also want to express my gratitude for the patience and understanding I've been shown by all of you in the days leading up to and immediately following my father's death, and I appreciate my assistants for meeting your needs as much as they were able.  Thank you all.