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Title: Console Gaming Feedback 2014
Post by: Shin Star on September 07, 2014, 09:50:16 pm
I'm going to take a page from Mr. Fev because I am curious on how people liked Console Gaming this year. I'm not apart of LAN gaming staff (but I did help them/I know some of them), I guess you can feel free to put your suggestions down for that here if they aren't going to make a topic. Just make sure you specify it's for LAN gaming.

I'll start:

+ Back in the garage
+ It wasn't 100°F+ in the room
+ There was more [breathing] room/air circulation
+ I finally got a projector and not just a screen this time
+ Used said projector to play some nice games on it/to get others into the game
+ My PS3 was way more popular than I thought
+ Persona 4 The ULTIMAX ULTRA SUPLEX HOLD barely made an appearance

- Still felt a little stuffy since they added Artist Alley but still way better compared to last year
- Having little or no cell phone service (unless you were with Sprint lol)
- Some areas of the room were crowded probably due to the "Island" not being perfectly center in the room. It's also partially my fault
- Projector got stolen for 2 days so LAN could stream the LoL tournament (they should probably get their own next year)
- K-con only owns 2 PS3s and 1 was already dedicated for Rock Band so there was technically only 1 free. The other 2 there were my own and Lee's.
Title: Re: Console Gaming Feedback 2014
Post by: Penguin4478 on September 08, 2014, 07:59:09 pm
My feedback:

-Please keep it in the garage. It's a lot more spacious, isn't super stuffy, and feels better overall.
-Ran out of gamecube controllers quite frequently, even with people bringing their own to use
-More computers would be nice, especially since 99% of the time they were used for playing league. I saw almost no one playing anything else.

Title: Re: Console Gaming Feedback 2014
Post by: Phanther on October 14, 2014, 12:23:34 am
-I would like to see two dance pads for DDR. The queue got ridiculously long at times.
-There was quite a scene for USF4, but there was no tournament for it.
-Stations near the corner got fairly crowded.
-What was the reason for having Brawl as the Smash tournament? Sakuracon had a pretty legit Melee and Project M tournament.
Title: Re: Console Gaming Feedback 2014
Post by: Penguin4478 on December 30, 2014, 06:03:14 pm
^ As far as I'm aware, no one actually brought in project M before the con actually started, and the kid who brought it in didn't play it that much at all.

A lot of people were playing Melee (I personally prefer Brawl but I still think Melee is just as good a game), and Brawl has been the smash tournament for the past few years. Scheduling for tournaments is pretty tight from what I've heard, so I'm guessing the staff can only manage one smash bros-related tournament.
Title: Re: Console Gaming Feedback 2014
Post by: Valkyrie542 on January 28, 2015, 10:50:41 am
((Late response, sorry!))

One thing that could be improved on for the gaming area, is a water cooler area, maybe?

It was well insulated in the garage, but it might be nice to have some water coolers and cups (or just a place for people to refill their water bottles), or a table that sells bottled or canned soft drinks.

Title: Re: Console Gaming Feedback 2014
Post by: RedEagleEX on January 28, 2015, 03:52:34 pm
We actually had a Water Cooler in the gaming area. It was position at the center of the gaming area (In between Pokemon Card Gaming and Video Game Staff Table). We also had another Water Cooler near LAN Gaming at a kitty corner between the Magic Card area LAN.

Unfortunately for the Video Gaming Water Cooler, it was not as filled with water as often due to a mix up on who we had to contact to get it filled. (I ended up finding out half way through the con who I needed to contact to get the water filled faster.)

I will be staffing the Video Game area again this year so hopefully it will be filled more often then last year and feel free to ask anything from the video game staff if you need anything on the spot!