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Title: More Animation at the Whitsell Auditorium..... AKIRA! Grave of the Fireflies!
Post by: WalkingSpear on June 30, 2014, 07:25:20 pm
All these are animated, though only two are from Japan. I especially want to see Fritz the Cat and The Point again......

July 5-6 AKIRA at the Whitsell auditorium (at the Portland Art Museum) (http://nwfilm.org/screenings/57/602/#3381).
That's Saturday and Sunday, both days at 7pm.
Grave of the Fireflies Sunday July 6th at 4:30 and Wednesday, July 9th at 7pm.

Also playing in July and August:

Sat. July 26 at 4pm Superman (Max & Dave Fleisher)
Sun. July 27th at 4:30:
Wallace and Grommit (UK, 1989-2008, Nick Park, Stop motion)
Sat. August 2nd at 4pm:
Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
Sun. August 3rd at 4:30: Looney Toons Classics
Sun. Aug. 3rd at 7pm:
The Point(US, 1971, Fred Wolf)
Sun. Aug. 10th at 7pm: Mary & Max(Australia, 2009, Adam Elliot, Stop motion)
Sun. Aug 24th at 4:30: An American Tail(1986, Don Bluth, the one about Fievel the mouse)
Friday, August 29th at 7:30:
Fantastic Planet(France, 1973, René Laloux)
Friday, August 29th at 9pm:
Fritz the Cat(US, 1972, Ralph Bakshi)