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Title: I want to run a... special game...
Post by: TomtheFanboy on April 22, 2014, 04:23:18 pm

It's like a normal tabletop rpg, but at the same time it needs a projector and wifi to really work. I've considered asking the panel staff but I thought I'd start here to gauge interest.

The game is called PICSPAM ADVENTURE.

I have an online database with a collection of pictures. Each picture is a person, place, object, creature, or action. Your character is a randomly selected combination of a person, an action, and an object arrangd by using your smart phone or tablet to open the character generator here: http://tomthefanboy.com/picspam/player.html The web page works as your character sheet. The party visits 5 random encounter over the course of the adventure and the GM moderates the whole thing by fitting together the random elements into a loose story. I personally like to use a a d20 to decide things. The whole game can be seen online here: http://tomthefanboy.com/picspam If I got clearance to run this at Kumoricon, I would make a version with pictures and animated gifs from anime!

Now, I could always just sign up for a table at the game room and have people huddle around my laptop to see the encounters. I can't help but think it would be way more fun to have a panel room with a projector to display the encounters and then draw people from the crowd to play with the characters generated on their phones. The randomness of the game makes it a better spectator sport than normal rpg sessions.

So if there's enough interest, I'll fill out a panel form and try and get a room. Otherwise, look me up at the game room some time.
Title: Re: I want to run a... special game...
Post by: Valkyrie542 on August 09, 2014, 01:49:07 pm
Sorry, I'm just now catching onto this thread. ^^;

I'd be interested in seeing it, but since Kcon is almost three weeks away, there might not be enough time to get the stuff together and get a form in.
But, I do hope you'll think about trying it out for next year!
Title: Re: I want to run a... special game...
Post by: Chek on August 12, 2014, 12:26:17 pm
Upon trying the character creator and getting a dapper gentleman who is good at being a shocked and offended drag queen, who carries and knows how to use a Shakeweight... I gotta say I'm onboard and would totally play. Might be too late for this year, but if you try in the future, you've got my support.