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Title: Looking for table partner! (2014 artist alley)
Post by: Alarnia on September 06, 2013, 04:08:32 pm

So 2014 is a long ways away, but I was hoping to run a booth at the artist alley next year.

My name is Jenna, and I would be a first time seller, but it would be my second time at kumoricon. I don't have a portfolio put together yet, but I was planning on selling mostly crafted items: dolls, lolita bows, keychains and other trinkets. I might sell prints as well depending on what I can come up with by the time the con comes around. This would include fanart of the BL variety, so if you're cool with that and looking for someone to table with too, send me a message please! :)

I have an art blog at alarniascribblesontablets.tumblr.com (http://alarniascribblesontablets.tumblr.com) NSFW partially.
I also have a gallery at http://www.y-gallery.net/user/alarnia/ (http://www.y-gallery.net/user/alarnia/) NSFW for more my more polished work.