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Post by: BlackjackGabbiani on August 27, 2013, 11:10:09 pm
I've been to every Kcon as well as many other cons and I've had a ton of issues pop up so I'm making this post so you all can learn from my experience! Herein we will discuss packing. Everything you need to have a great time at the convention without fumbling around the suitcase for things that aren't there!
First off, write down everything you're packing. Everything. And when you're ready to leave the hotel, go through your suitcase again and make a checkmark by everything on your list. That way you know both what you're bringing and taking so that you don't leave anything at home *or* the hotel.
--YOUR COSTUME. Examine the character. Examine the character several times. Write down every single thing they have on them, including the things you're not including in your costume. Make notes of what, specifically, you're leaving out. Pack everything else. Examine the character again. Repeat until you're 100% certain that everything is in your suitcase. Then check again. Once I forgot my big foam tongue to my Quina Quen costume and that's the primary prop.
--FIVE PAIRS OF UNDERWEAR. Even if you don't change it every day, you should be changing it at least once during the con I mean come on. The rest are backup in case of unforeseen accidents, stains, holes, or even if you spill something and need to grab something to mop it up.
--FIVE PAIRS OF SOCKS. Socks are like sweat magnets and no one wants to be That Congoer. No matter how much you shower, it's still going to be in around the 70s at the con and there's not a thing personal cleanliness can do to stop that.
--MAKEUP. This is primarily linked to cosplay but includes many other things as well. If you need something to cover acne, bring it. If you need lip balm, bring it.
--MEDICINE. Similar to above but even more vital, especially if you're coming from far away. Allergy medicine is going to be a biggie this time of year and you don't want to go the weekend without it. And DO NOT stop taking your medicine just because you're at the con--even if it's unintentional, skipping is something you don't want to do. Bring your medicine and MAKE SURE you take it. Put it by the sink. Put a reminder on the mirror. If you have to take it during the day, set your watch or phone or pocket pet to alert you of the time.
--CLOTHES. Normal clothes. Even if you drive in and back in your costume, you want to have at least a set of everyday clothes. Say you need to pop off to the grocery store or something, or you decide to go chill in Portland for a few hours, or even you've taken your costume off for the day and decide that you want to head down to the lobby to hang out and don't want to put the whole thing back on. Related to this is
--NIGHTCLOTHES. Holy crap I can't even count the people who've forgotten nightclothes and had to sleep in underwear. Bring at least a tshirt.
--TOOTHBRUSH AND TOOTHPASTE. Yes some hotels provide toothpaste. Most don't. And you don't want to have to leave the con to buy these things, because you WILL need them. Again, you don't want to be That Congoer.
--RAZOR. Most hotels will provide these, but if you're rooming with anybody, you'll want to bring your own.
--CHARGE CORDS. Your phone, your games, your laptops, and anything else you're bringing with you. Even if you leave your phone in your room and only check it once a day to see if your parents called, you still bring the charge cord. Even if you think your 3DS will be fine because you're only taking it for Street Pass, bring the charge cord.
--BATTERIES. You WILL run out of batteries for your camera. That much is a fact of life. Bring at LEAST one change for it.
I'm sure others can add onto this!
Post by: Manganix78 on August 27, 2013, 11:25:23 pm
Ooh! I've got one to add:
--YOUR FOOD: Ah yes, pocky, ramune, different flavored gummies and all that....but you really need to keep an eye out for eating some regular food every now and again. Keep in mind there's a restuarant map included with your bag thingee and you can go to one of those places as long as you've got the dough for them.
Also, eating at the places where's there food available don't really taste that good and depending on the con that you're at, can be a bit pricey due to state taxes. And ask which hotel that you're staying at if they have either a refrigerator and/or microwave for ramen cooking and storage of veggies and fruits.
Post by: Felis Draco on August 29, 2013, 11:12:55 am
All really excellent advice! One thing to note: if you are on prescription meds, it's a good idea to bring those meds in the original bottle. Several reasons for this: don't want to get pills mixed up, and in an emergency, the info on the bottle could be very important!

Think healthy snacks too. Fruit & nut bars are a good idea, or protein bars. They are easy to pack and carry with you, and if you have something like that its at least semi-healthy, you are much less likely to go pig out on all sugar and no nutrition.

I've been going to conventions for a very long time, think over 40 years. I've seen too many unhealthy fans (and, well, yes, stinky fans too!) :o
Post by: RoriLei on August 29, 2013, 01:23:23 pm
I'd also like to add what should be brought if you do not have a hotel, and are just spending the day. This is based on my experience, and I've only been to one con, so if anybody else wants to add something, go ahead.

A small sewing kit. Even if you bought your cosplay and you don't think it'll come apart, bring a little case with pins, needles, thread in the colors you might need, and a pair of thread scissors.

Your cell phone (if you have one). This is in case you get lost, your friend shows up late to your meeting place, your mom needs to know when to pick you up... it's just good to have around.

Water! Always have access to water, whether it's just knowing where all the water fountains are or carrying a water bottle.

Money! For food, drinks, art, comics, mangas, action figures, and any number of other things.

Your complete cosplay (if you're wearing one). Make sure you remember to put on all the parts.

Allergy medication, if you need it.

Any meds you'll need to take in the middle of the day during con hours.

Your car and/or house keys. This varies depending on your situation.

An extra pair of shoes. This is if you are planning on wearing very uncomfortable shoes and you don't want to have to walk barefoot in order to relieve your feet. Also, if you have the space to carry extra shoes. Some lucky people have backpacks as part of their cosplay.

A camera. You're gonna want it.

Food. If you don't want to buy food, bring enough packaged food to make it through the day. It's also great if it matches your character, ie., if you're Ryuk bring apples.

A smile. Unless you're Axe Cop. He doesn't smile.

Post by: CaptnPoptart on August 29, 2013, 03:27:39 pm
Another thing to add:

Bring some form of ENTERTAINMENT. This includes books, mangas, iPod, DS, your friends, and anything that'll entertain you and keep you occupied when you're waiting in a line to get into a panel or somewhere that has a long line. For years, I have been into lines and did NOT bring any form of entertaining myself. Thus, I get bored in line and have to wait until we may get in. This is  optional, but HIGHLY recommended, ESPECIALLY if you're waiting in line for Opening Ceremonies, Cosplay Contest, Closing Ceremonies, any event that has a long line to wait in.
Post by: Valkyrie542 on August 31, 2013, 12:57:27 am
I agree wholeheartedly.
It's especially important to bring something to entertain yourself when you're in line for the photobooth. For the past two years that I've gone, I've had to wait nearly two hours to get in for my turn. So, even if it's just your cell phone or mp3, it's better than sitting on the floor and twiddling your thumbs.
Also, about food, most hotels in the area DO have mini fridges and microwaves; and I strongly recommend that you bring your own food - it's cheaper because you wouldn't have to go out and buy it and pay the sales tax, and it's food that you like and trust. I brought a couple of things last year, thinking I would be eating at a pizza place or something but, really, when I had a craving for Taco Bell, it was a half hour drive just to find one. I definitely plan on bringing more than just ramen and ravioli this year.  :-[
Post by: superjaz on August 31, 2013, 07:14:37 am
I did pretty good prepping food this year, but it helps our hotel has a fridge and microwave.  We have the basics ramen and drinks, and I made up a bunch of small bean and cheese burritos that are a quick nuke to eat, and milk people forget milk but a glass can really make you feel better.
Post by: veraca on September 04, 2013, 02:13:23 pm
WATER BOTTLE: Glass or metal, even plastic works. You just want something that'll be light when it's empty, but will hold a good amount of water for when you need it. You will always need water at a convention.

FAN: I like to pack a small plastic fan to use when I'm hot.

SNACK FOODS: Like granola bars and sandwiches. Spend your money on a packaged snack that you can carry on your person is a great luxury.

EMERGENCY CONTACTS: I always have a slip of paper in my wallet for Emergencies even though I have no health issues. You never know what could happen. Don't put this list on your cellphone, since it's much more logical for people to look in your wallet for this kind of information since that's where your identification is.
Post by: BlackjackGabbiani on August 25, 2014, 05:00:06 pm
I hope it's ok to bring this back because it's needed again.
Post by: Witchaven on August 25, 2014, 08:29:55 pm
A few things not mentioned that should always be followed.
1. Make sure to bring something that you can easily access for your I.D., Money and any other important items you need quick access to. If your wearing a costume, see if you can find a way to hide it and still make it easy to get to.
2. Never use your Badge holder for storing cash/credit cards or your I.D. I've seen it time and time again where someone loses their badge somehow and with it their money.
3. Bring some way to carry the loot you purchase. While some Vendors may have bags, many do not. Having something like a backpack to easily put your loot in while keeping your hands free is a great idea.
4. A Lanyard for your Badge is always a good idea. Makes it much harder for your Badge to fall off and get lost. If you don't have one I know at least 1 vendor who will have them (shameless plug... but honestly a good idea.)
Post by: Prince McKupo on August 25, 2014, 10:07:41 pm
I think the very best to bring is a good attitude!   ;D

We're all here to have fun and enjoy ourselves, leave whatever's bugging you from the outside world back at home.  Forget about that breakup with your significant other, or that fight with your sibling/parent, or your unfair treatment at work, or if your dog is doing well in your parents' care.  Put that all aside for just a few days, 'cause this is your time to let loose and have a great time amongst people who share a part of your anime/manga/game/geekery world!  I know my outlook may be a tad happy-go-lucky for some, but I really do see events like Kumoricon to be an escape from life's troubles.  Even if it's for just a couple days, coming back with a smile on my face is all worth it!
Post by: veraca on August 26, 2014, 02:35:41 am
Spare shoes. And not costume shoes or just 'nice' shoes. Your every day, most comfortable, shoes you wear all the time. I like to drive in my running-sneakers and they end up being the one pair of shoes I wear the most, so they always travel with me to con. If I can sneak these babies into a costume someday, I will. Other people like wearing loafers or slippers, if just around the hotel room. Something that's a shoe, and 100% comfy, and doesn't hurt your feet.
Post by: Shiny Marshmallow on August 28, 2014, 02:04:31 am
Thank you very much for this guide. Funny enough, I got most of that packed before reading & was just about to pack some final objects. There are some great tips that I could go back & read over just in case though so that I can absolutely make sure that I have everything I need for this year to be better then last.
Post by: JaegerDarkness on March 09, 2016, 10:14:17 pm
Another thing you should ALWAYS pack is patience. When you have patience, it can make the con more bearable.