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Title: Maid Squad 2013
Post by: kiichain on November 19, 2012, 08:51:35 pm

"maid squad is a group of volunteers and staff who help out at the con while dressed as maids or butlers. this team is most commonly seen before events helping to manage lines to the big events at the con, but there are a few other areas that they help out in. the main goal of maid squad is to help out attendees and staff alike so that the overall kumoricon experience is a bit more enjoyable."

okies, i failed... i meant to go to the meeting on 11/17 but i was behind on some sewing for the swashbucklers ball later that evening. on a good note, the outfits (that's right, i did multiple outfits to get the rest of my 'crew' all piratey) turned out wonderful and we had a blast being piratey and all sorts of merriment.

this is your maid squad manager, ange! back again for 2013~ right off the bat, there's been some changes in the organizational structure; basically we have moved into the Operations department. all that really means is hopefully better coordination with the yojimbo whom we've already been working alongside the most. aside from that, not much has changed.

dress code: maid/butler outfits preferrably, but certain dress uniform (school or military) can be accepted. lolita is also ok.

i swear, this coming year we will have spare aprons or armbands so that our team can be more identifiable. we will also have our signs, which were sorely missed this last year.

finally, i am looking to just recruit staff maids. i would love volunteer maids, but that can be handled at-con. please check out the joining staff faq if you want to know what the general basics are for being staff. if you have any specific questions regarding maid squad, leave a comment in this thread or pm me~

if you are interested in joining maid squad as staff, please leave a comment in this thread or pm/email me.

Title: Re: Maid Squad 2013
Post by: zetetic on December 08, 2012, 03:36:20 pm
Hi Ange!

I'm interested in joining your maid squad..staff? I'm not entirely sure what to call it but anywhos I would like to help out again.
I'm not entirely sure what cosplay I will be doing as of yet but I think it will either be bulter or school uniform for this. I will definately let you know once I figure it out.
Title: Re: Maid Squad 2013
Post by: kiichain on December 10, 2012, 09:29:50 pm

whoo~ yay! thanks for joining maid squad again<3

just a reminder that there is a meeting this coming saturday, if you are able to trek out to tigard, you will find me there. if you can't make it, well there are plenty of other meetings and of course there are the forums here!
Title: Re: Maid Squad 2013
Post by: zetetic on December 11, 2012, 11:54:18 am
Unfortunately I won't be able to make it to that meeting. However, I will try my best to make it to the ones to come.
Title: Re: Maid Squad 2013
Post by: kiichain on December 18, 2012, 08:04:41 pm

so... i am not 100% sure but i believe we have enough people signed up or going to sign up for certain as staff maids. this is awesome.

i guess i will open it up to volunteers for anyone who wants to spend a shift with helping out as maids/butlers. if you have any questions in regards to specifics on maid squad, feel free to reply in this thread with your question.

i will still only "recruit" volunteer maids at con, but i can try and lay down as much info on what we are looking for and eventually what shifts will be available (i will list the exact time frame of the shift after the schedule is finalized). to actually help out for a shift you can just drop by the designated meeting spot (90% likely going to be where the volunteer booth will be situated or the info booth if at the red lion) 5-10 minutes prior to the shift starting and i or my assistant will assign you a task for the shift.

there will really only be 3 types of tasks to handle with maid squad:

1. line management - keeping lines tight and clear of doorways and hallway junctions; holding spots in line for people needing to temporarily step away; finding vip and handicapped attendees and guiding them to the front of the line

2. water service - keeping attendees and staff hydrated (don't forget that staff need water too as they get so busy they tend to forget they haven't had enough water) and cleaning up the cups after they are done

3. seating/ushering - guiding/directing attendees to seats in an orderly manner; finding gaps in seating and filling them with attendees

the other odd jobs that maid squad may help with will be handled by the staff maids. just so you know, there can never be enough maids (or volunteers for that matter), so help out when you can~
Title: Re: Maid Squad 2013
Post by: 04crystalyn on February 16, 2013, 08:13:30 pm
Hello am now in the staff login Angie I got your email and sent you a text I would like to know what other things I need to do to complete my staff position . I got a notice on my email about this . Thanks so much for the email it really help me out on many of my questions.:)
Title: Re: Maid Squad 2013
Post by: shandra on September 29, 2013, 09:48:08 pm
I know this is really early to be posting this, but I would like to join the maid squad for the year of 2014. Might as well get an early start =]
I have sent an email already to the link found on the open job listings page. I hope to hear back from you guys.  :-*