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Title: Cosplay 2012 Results
Post by: Runa on September 05, 2012, 05:21:43 pm
=======~* Costume Winners *~=======

Best in Show   (this was a group entry)
   Holly Olson   Sophie, Howl's Moving Castle
     Caitlin Turner   Howl, Howl's Moving Castle

Excellence in Beading   (this was a group entry)
   Catherine Church   Zelda (Lolita) – The Legend of Zelda
   Samantha Coleman   Dark Link (Lolita) – The Legend of Zelda

Excellent Innovation
   Saundra Schlesinger   Sakura from Tsubasa

Attention to Detail   (this was a group entry with 2 costumes & 4 collaborators)
   Josh Pardo   Larva (Vampire Princess Miyu)
   Rei Barnes   Miyu (Vampire Princess Miyu)
   Diana Ethridge   N/A
   Huang Guan Zhi   N/A

Excellence in Construction
   Laura Harris   Riannon ~ Tears to Tiara

Excellence in Applique   
   Erica R Smith   March from "March Story"

Best Youth
   Alex Cormier-Sandquist   Gaara

Honorable Mention (Youth)
   Danielle   Kurin from  Maou to Odore 2 ~Change of the World~

Honorable Mention (Youth)
   Hidiyoshii   Grell Sutcliff, Kuroshitsuji

Honorable Mention (Youth)
   Amelia Binnett   Maka Albarn

=======~* Skit Winners *~=======

Best in Show   Dane DeRenzis from The Anime Hunters   The Boy Who Became A Man
   Dane DeRenzis
   Haley Demmin

Best Drama   Shinji's Angels   / Shinji's Angels
   Shailyn Sooter
   Rebecca Gillespie
   Cristina Coppinger

Best Original Concept   Joker vs Inuyasha   Joker vs Inuyasha
   Patrick Fox

Best Presentation   Iron Stitch / Bad Wolf Collaboration   Howl's Moving Castle
   Caitlin Turner
   Holly Olson

Best Writing   Otaku FTW   HisButler: A Hobby
   Gin Ginpatsu
   Annika Perkins

Best Solo Walk-on   Liger Zero Lindsey Mead / Liger Zero Schneider
   Lindsey Mead

Best Walkon Group   The Fab Five / The Fab Five
   Taylor Jacob
   Zara Gastineau
   Alexis Jacob
   Casey Barrington
   Shannon Benn

Honorable Mention: Most Adorable   Bubbs   Adorable America
   Spencer T. Heighton (17 Months old)

50 groups signed up, but only 34 groups (made up of 60 participants) actually showed up / went on stage

Walk-on entries =
 4 Youth
12 Novice
 6 Intermediate
 1 Journeyman

5 Novice
4 Intermediate
1 Master
Title: Re: Cosplay 2012 Results
Post by: veraca on September 07, 2012, 11:07:57 am
That's too bad that so many didn't show up!  >:( We need a better commitment to actually participate if they sign up.
Title: Re: Cosplay 2012 Results
Post by: Runa on September 07, 2012, 12:52:46 pm
Tell me about it... I hate it when people sign up and then don't bother to show up to the event - especially since now that we're getting bigger, we're getting closer to having the maximum number of entries we can allow. It's hard to guess how many extra contestants do I allow to sign up to make up for people who will drop out - especially since there is always the chance that everyone who signed up could actually show up for the contest. Several contestants fell ill during the convention and that's why they dropped (and one of them "kindly" gave me the illness when telling me she was dropping out...I've been sick all week thanks to that one encounter.)
Title: Re: Cosplay 2012 Results
Post by: veraca on September 07, 2012, 08:43:23 pm
Is there a way it can be put into the form that it's a verbal signature (well written) that you agree to at least notify at con that you won't be participating or be banned from participating the next year? Or... something. Banning is extreme, but... something could be implemented. I recalled noticing it at SakuraCon, too, that a good handful+ dropped out.