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Title: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: hieis_girl1 on September 04, 2012, 09:04:06 pm
Hey everyone! Hope you all had a chance to check out Artists Alley this year! There were a lot of AMAZING and wonderful artists selling their creations, and I hope to hear from all of you about coming back next year! I hope those of you that were in the Alley had a great weekend, and that you attendees had a chance to get everything you wanted from the artists!

Now that the year is over, Jen and I would love to hear your Rants and Raves about this year's Artists Alley. Anything from applying for a table to the Alley setup, to the available crafts. We want to hear it all because we want to make next year even better than it was this year!
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: veraca on September 05, 2012, 05:20:43 pm
The raffle table was a good location to get the tickets, but when the raffle was going on it seemed to block off a few booths from us not participating being able to get there.

The tables were a good distance apart from each other, unlike when the Dealers was in the same location. Much less bottle-necks from when I was in there. The only bottle neck I experienced was in the corner where the raffle was being done- when it wasn't happening. Turning that corner to get back to the exit involved some dead space where it seemed people were bottlenecking and creating a traffic issue from those looking at the booths, coming in and those wanting to make another loop around, and those trying to leave.
Is there another exit we can use instead that both doors are clearly labeled as entrance and exit? I vaguely remember one of the corners opposite of the entry had a door we could exit out of?
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: Evaldas on September 05, 2012, 08:44:46 pm
 veraca, thank you for your feedback!
I will be looking into a better set up for the drawing, but the options are limited, unfortunately. Also, I only allowed one point of entry(at the front of the Centennial Center) and exit for security purposes.
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: Dango! on September 06, 2012, 12:43:23 pm
The AA staff was super sweet! You guys really made our first mainland convention. <3

I'd like to suggest having the AA table layout and assignments out a little earlier. Maybe a couple weeks in advance?
For me, it'd be really helpful so I know what sort of things to bring for my table since I need to bring them up from Hawai'i.

Other than that I really enjoyed it! I hope you guys liked the cheese cake. :]
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: GenkiIchigo on September 06, 2012, 04:06:05 pm
Oh my gosh, I don't really have anything to say besides thank you for another amazing year in the artist alley! I've been doing this for quite a while now, and I have to say that this year has probably been my very favorite as far as kcon goes. The set up was amazing, the quality and diversity of the content that I saw was really great, and everyone was really friendly and nice. I look forward to applying again next year!! Thanks again- you guys are amazing!

P.S. The cheesecake was awesome! Thanks, Dango!! :D<3
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: hieis_girl1 on September 06, 2012, 04:21:00 pm
Dango- That is a possibility for next year; just depends on how quickly Jen and I get that figured out ;)

Genki- So glad to hear that!!
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: ObiJay on September 07, 2012, 12:02:24 pm
Honestly, I have not a single complaint. You guys were awesome to all of us, the location was very nice and the A/C kept everything from getting uncomfortable when the house was packed. I especially appreciated the two of you checking on me repeatedly when I stumbled and twisted my ankle Sunday morning, and Dango that was very nice of you to offer the cheesecake. I passed due to some...overzealous fun the night before affecting my stomach, but it's the thought that counts.

We will definitely be back next year, this AA actually pulled our little company into the black from our startup costs 2 years ago.
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: Woodrat on September 07, 2012, 02:13:37 pm
Personally as my first time going to a con I don't exactly have anything to compare it to. But overall I'd have to say my experience was very positive. The tables and location seemed very neat and orderly. Even when the place was somewhat packed one could easily get to a table to browse over the items. Everyone I meant and talked with was polite and nice, I’ll definitely stop by next year!

I do have one small complaint that slightly non essential. When the raffle was going on the crowd gathering for the raffle briefly blocked the door leading outside, in essence trapping my friend and I to stay there and watch the raffle until a narrow passageway opened up and allowed us to exit. Not exactly sure how one could go about "fixing" that (maybe moving the raffle further away from the door?), but that would be the only real rant or rave that I personally could think of, and does not really detract from the extremely positive vibe I got out of the entire experience.
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: hieis_girl1 on September 08, 2012, 04:00:13 pm
We will definitely see what we can do about the raffle. Like it was said earlier, there isn't a lot of space in the Centennial Center. But we will for sure look for a better place to hold the raffles.
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: Transimage on September 08, 2012, 09:22:44 pm
This year's AA experience was the best I've had yet and I'm sure my table partner would agree :) Everyone was very kind and the variety of items for sale was awesome. Space was much roomier than last year, too. Not to mention the convenient bathroom stalls located in the AA room itself! That was a super plus for me, personally.

Something that got me curious, though - and this isn't a rant, just something I noticed - was the slow second day. We chalked it up to good weather and plentiful other events going on in the Hilton, but for me it was kind of unusual for the main day to be slower than the first. Not that I have much con experience to back that up in the first place <w>;;

And finally I have to mention the cheesecake, because it made my day <3 Thanks so much!
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: ToriKat on September 14, 2012, 11:39:53 pm
I really, really enjoyed my time at Kumoricon!

I'll admit, I was extremely nervous about the jury process, because I didn't know if my work qualified to join you all.  It was the first con I've been to that wasn't first come first serve.  I appreciate you giving us a chance to appear at Kumoricon!

Checking in was perfect.  So relieved I could stop in, get my badge, table assignment, and set up the day before the con.  Really neat that you guys had Squares available!  I like the initiative you guys have.  AND SWAG BAGS!  I have been to two cons with swag bags, and the artists were denied them both times.  Very appreciated that you guys acknowledge we're not there to just sit at a table for three days!

The layout was great.  Thank goodness the aisles were wide!

Love the secured room.  Not having to tear down every night is a relief.  And our own restroom!  Perfect!  Thank goodness we could also get cell phone reception.  :)

The AA staff was just outstanding and sweet.  You guys were so helpful, and I appreciate you stopping by to check up on us!  Jen, I especially appreciate you teaching me about the button punch's magic. xD

The variety was great.  I loved seeing the good mix of crafts and 2D art.

My only issue was registering for the AA.  I know there was a delay in signing up due to the contract and finding out who was in due to personal issues.  Understandable!  I was just dying, because it was May when we could apply, then July when we found out whether we got accepted.  Not only was I struggling to ensure I had things ready to put on my table, but I need a LOT more notice to put in for time off at my job.  I had so much trouble that I almost didn't get it approved in time.  Any chance next year's AA registration could be sooner?

Thank you guys again for such an awesome experience!  I really hope I can attend again!  Kumoricon's AA is definitely one of my favorites.  <3
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: hieis_girl1 on September 17, 2012, 07:07:09 pm
I'm glad to hear that you had an amazing weekend! We couldn't ask for more. XD

As for the traffic on Sunday, it's up to the attendees what they do. I think there was a lot more to do on Sunday this year, so people were busy. But the rest of the weekend was hopefully busy enough to compensate for everyone!

We've heard from a couple people about the timing of applying and acceptance emails getting out.  Unfortunately, it was a bunch of all-of-a-sudden stuff that appeared and caused us to have to delay things. Next year, we are definitely going to work on making sure things are up and sent out much sooner than this year!
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: Wrath-Chan19 on September 17, 2012, 07:42:47 pm
I loved how I could breath this year!
Although some areas felt empty, which I felt was somewhat wasteful of the great space.
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: CaptnPoptart on September 17, 2012, 08:54:29 pm
GREAT idea to switch AA and Exhibitor's Hall locations from last year. The room was well organized and I could ACTUALLY move around. Thankfully, I bought most of my merch from AA. Either because all the tables had some awesome stuff OR because there was more room to roam around. Or both!
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: Caporushes on September 18, 2012, 04:02:18 pm
I looooved being a part of Artists Alley this year! I'm so happy I got in this year, and really hope I can join you all again next year! I certainly plan on applying. Having the bathrooms located in the room was such a boon, and the tables seemed very well laid out. You guys (staff) did such an excellent job, everything ran smoothly and the time just FLEW by for me! It was awesome. :D I only had really 2 quibbles-- the timing of registration/etc (which you guys have heard about already and I understand that this year it was Life Stuff) and... Nobody outside the AA itself could help me and my tablemate figure out where to go to sign in and get set up. There was a lot of running up and down stairs and being shuffled around. I realize that's not AA-specific, probably, but it was a little frustrating with this being my first year at Kumoricon. :'D All in all though, awesome experience!
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: hieis_girl1 on September 19, 2012, 12:08:46 pm
Wrath-Chan: With the empty areas, I don't remember if we had filled all the tables or not, and if not, that was mostly because we were probably unable to get artists on the WL to fill in for those that had to back out for whatever reason. If it was with the layout, that was not up to us. The hotel set up the tables the way they were, and we didn't have much control over that.

Caporushes: There was a bit of miscommunication across staff areas this year, for various things, so I'm (unfortunately) not too surprised you had that problem. Next year I'm hoping we can work a lot better and closer with the rest of staff to make sure that everyone is on the same page regarding AA. And I'm glad to hear that you had such a wonderful experience selling this year!
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: devyrae on September 21, 2012, 04:19:22 pm
I figure here would be the best place to post this because i cant seem to find the person im looking for.

At kumoricon 2012 artist ally there was someone doing plushie commissions, art commissions, ect. The table was two different artist (two females), and the girl doing the plushies had pony plushes out on the table. My sister Sloan (AcidicSloan on here) asked and paid for a deadpool plushie giving them her info and money and she has no received any word from them at all and we cant find them to ask if they forgot... Can anyone help us please??
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: hieis_girl1 on September 21, 2012, 07:17:12 pm
Dev, I've sent you a PM.
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: Evaldas on October 29, 2012, 11:10:21 am
I wanted to make a formal thank you to everyone at the Artists Alley this year. You were so awesome and lovely to work with, thank you! thank you!

I will be meeting with Caitlin to start hashing out plans for 2013.  We will look into improving the daily raffle and working with the hotel about using the space better. Since the foundation for online registration is in place, opening up registration and notification of applicants will be faster and smoother. Start looking for stuff after Sakuracon. :)
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: ObiJay on October 29, 2012, 08:55:58 pm
Oy no rest for the weary.
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: hieis_girl1 on November 03, 2012, 08:58:45 pm
Haha. Never. It's surprising how much work actually goes into getting things set up and ready for AA each year; even with returning to the same place. But have no fear! We'll work hard to make 2013 even better!
Title: Re: 2012 Artist Alley Rant & Rave
Post by: Jen-Jen-rose on April 03, 2013, 07:01:38 pm
wowie late reply, but I still wanted to throw in my two cents!
2012's AA was fantastic! Everything felt like it went perfect and me and my booth-mate had a wonderful time and experience with you all! There's really nothing I could think of that I felt needed to be improved, and I wanted to thank everyone for such a great time.
I really hope I will be able to join the rest of you again this coming con for another amazing year in the artist alley!