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Title: Anime Fiasco: Crossover Panic!
Post by: numair42 on August 10, 2012, 10:38:10 pm
So the other day I came up with an interesting idea for a panel. Have you ever played Fiasco?


It's a table top, story telling game where we basically write and act out short scenes of a movie. If you want to see an example, you can check it out here:


The game is broken up to four parts:

Each player takes turn acting out a scene and together, we attempt to make an epic story. This is a highly creative game that I think would be great for all those fanfic writers out there.

Now at Kumoricon, I want to play fiasco with an anime twist. Where we pick anime characters to guide instead of coming up with random people. It allows us to ask some real interesting questions like: what would happen if Vash the Stampeed, Roy Mustang, Princess Mononoke, and the butler from Big O had to raid the Soul Society to steal the Panties of Serenity for Happosai so they could get the nanban mirror to rescue Ryoko from Kain's prison? Or something else insane like that.

I'm still working out the logistics to where we can have more than four people participate. I really want to turn this into a panel for 2013 if possible.

So if you are interested, the reply button is there, waiting for your gentle caress.