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Title: A little heads up on rules?
Post by: 7bijou7 on December 29, 2011, 10:18:20 pm
So me and a friend of mine are organizing a skit this year, and we didn't get a chance to look at the rules from last year before the update on the website occurred. We're already starting planning, for we want to have plenty of rehearsal and make sure all our characters will be covered, seeking people out to act can be a take quite awhile.

 We want to make sure our early planning isn't going to kill our idea. So to those who have done a skit before, what were the rules like?

The Specific things we need to know are, Is there a person limit on the stage/in the skit? And how long usually is the time limit for skits?

Thank you so much for any replies, I really appreciate it!
Title: Re: A little heads up on rules?
Post by: veraca on December 30, 2011, 03:07:14 am
I believe person limits is kept to around 12... You'd have to see the rules for that one.

Length of skit generally is about 2-5 minutes including getting on and off stage. Not including any set up time you might need (like a table or chair put onto the stage). The length of time can change and it might even be 3 and a half minutes... I'm not too sure.

But those are good ballparks to keep in mind.
Title: Re: A little heads up on rules?
Post by: Washougal_Otaku on December 30, 2011, 12:19:52 pm
I believe it's 3 1/2 minutes, unless your group exceeds 5 members, then you can have it be 5 minutes long.  At least that's what I remember, but I've never had more than 2 people in my skits, so I never cared personally.  (Plus, my memory has limits).  Sorry.
Title: Re: A little heads up on rules?
Post by: Runa on December 31, 2011, 06:50:08 pm
Cosplay manager here....
HAPPY NEW YEAR (this being written on New Years Eve....) :o

We are working on tweaking the rules (which is why I am on the computer at this date and time - it's one of the few times I actually have free to do personal stuff), however certain things likely are not going  to change:

"Skits for 1-5 participants shall be no longer than 3.5 minutes; skits with more than 5 participants may be allowed up to 5 minutes for performance, at the Cosplay Coordinator’s discretion."

We've never officially stated a maximum number of participants, however I think that the Hetalia group a few years ago has 12 people and that made for a rather full stage, so you're better off keeping the group smaller...besides, it gets exponentially more difficult to coordinate larger groups to get together for rehearsals and suchlike, so keeping the group small is advised.

Rules will be provided to Programming (Jaki) at the January Kumoricon meeting, and I expect that the Webmaster will post them shortly after she has approved them.
Title: Re: A little heads up on rules?
Post by: 7bijou7 on January 02, 2012, 07:32:30 pm
:O Thank you so much for the responses! It was vitle to know that we would need >5 people to do our skit, as the song we want to do is 3:30, so hooray for knowledge! Thank you again for the information!