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Title: HETALIA HELP! Show support for a HETALIA Manga Vol. 3!!!!!
Post by: VerdandisTapestry on September 09, 2011, 08:10:57 pm
Courtesy of Anime News Network:

"Tokyopop founder Stu Levy asked on the company's Facebook page on Friday if there is interest in a release of Hidekaz Himaruya's third Hetalia manga volume. However, Levy cautioned that "it's a bit more limited than back in the old days."

Tokyopop had planned on publishing the third volume of Hetalia this past May, but it shut down its North American publishing operations that same month.

Gentosha published the fourth manga volume in Japan this past June. The publisher also announced last week that Himaruya will begin serializing the manga in the next issue of its Monthly Comic Birz magazine this month.

Update: More background information added."

Check out their Facebook  (http://www.facebook.com/TOKYOPOP/posts/10150277519686436)and show your interest!!!