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Title: Seeking: Steampunk AMVs/MVs
Post by: RemSaverem on November 15, 2010, 07:35:12 am
One of our Creation Station panelists is holding a Steampunk Film Festival, at Portland's Clinton Street Theater, Sunday, February 13. There will be features and shorts. I would like to encourage him to show AMVs or MVs in between (he does not know this yet ;) ). Are there any of you who create your AMVs or MVs with Steampunk themes? If so, would you be interested in having your work shown at this film fest, *if* I can interest its founder in showing them?
Please let me know, and post or PM links!
Much love!
PS It will be an awesome event, either way. If you know anyone who makes live or animated Steampunk films, let me know!