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Title: Open Writing & Drabble Contests
Post by: RemSaverem on August 31, 2010, 01:06:53 pm
Creation Station offers chunks of time for authors to connect with each other, meet potential betas or illustrators, finish up that last entry for our fanfic contest, perfect your forthcoming performance for Filk Follies, Bedtime Stories or Fanfic Theatre. These are listed in our schedule as "Open Writing" times. For those scheduled before 10pm on Saturday, they are also good times to turn in your fanfic, manga or comic entries (up to PG-13, up to 50 pages of webcomic & under novella length for fanfic).

We also just added two periods for spontaneous contests for writing and drawing, called Scribbles & Drabbles. Prizes will be awarded!

8am to 12 noon Saturday, flipping between our two rooms, we will have open times for writing & drawing that you may use as above.

Our Scribbles & Drabbles contests, shown on the online schedule only, are 6p-6:30p Sunday, & 7p-8p Sunday.

Have fun!