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Panels & et cetera / Anime/J-pop/K-pop/Vocaloid Just Dance Session 2018?
« Last post by aryn.chi on January 16, 2018, 07:49:45 am »
Hey everybody!

I just wanted to get a feel for how many people would be interested in participating in an anime fitness dance class for Kumori 2018! If you've ever played Just Dance or taken a Zumba class you'll kind of have the idea we're going for. My other panelist and I are choreographing all the dances, and the fitness level would be from light to medium.

We would be dancing to songs from K- and J-pop, anime (openings and endings), and Vocaloid. We haven't figured out all the songs we'd be doing, so if you are interested, please write down a song you like so we could dance to it!

Thanks for the input!
- aryn.chi
hello my name is William

My age is (37) M, the 2nd is a Female(Andrea)  (39) F. She and I  have booked a hotel for the full event, including day zero (Thursday), so we can get our passes early.
We are honest and respect other people’s belongings, so we expect the same. Also, we are not crazy old people. Lol We are young at heart and are fun to be with. We are also cos players. ^^

the 3rd person we have is a young guy who is calm, and rather a great person to hang out with.

We’re looking for 1 person who is calm (not some crazy person lol) We don't mind how late you stay out, etc. We’re really easy going!
Please no smoking, but if you do, please do so outside. Also, please do what you can to minimize the smell. The both of us are allergic. We prefer no drinking. (A little is ok)
No room service unless paid in advance. Same with minibar (if there is one), or anything that is extra charged to hotel.
There will be a girls only bed and a guys only bed. If the numbers are not even, we will work something out...I, William, offer to sleep on the floor.

all ages above 18 is cool ^^;
either Gender is fine as well
The details:
Deluxe Double Bed Room
Check-in:  Thursday 03/29/2018
Check-out:  Sunday 04/1/2018 before noon

Sheraton Seattle Hotel(this hotel is 20 feet from the convention center)
1400 6th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101(206) 621-9000
we each pay 175 for the 3 nights with 4 people
payment needs to be done upon arrival
can contact me by PM, reply or email
hope to fill ASAP

I have found my 4th person thanks.

this is considered closed now
General Kumoricon / Neko's Maid cafe 2018 @ escape room
« Last post by KiddeathJR on January 04, 2018, 10:47:43 pm »
I keep hopeing that their will be bringing back the maid cafe and the escape room for 2018.
I would love so much to see a panel like this. It would be a blast to attend.
I'd also like to see the Voice Actor On Voice Actor panel from '13 come back.

Here's a clip of the first portion:
Other Conventions and Events / newcon 2018 cancelled
« Last post by derek anthony on December 30, 2017, 06:29:08 pm »
can you believe it, newcon got cancelled ,  nore  info here
General Kumoricon / Re: Ask an anime character with the real voices from the actor.
« Last post by KiddeathJR on December 19, 2017, 10:18:49 pm »
here is one of their sessions from 2017:
Forum Announcements / MOVED: Homestuck/hiveswap panel?
« Last post by JeffT on December 19, 2017, 09:00:19 pm »
Posting Games and Chat / Re: What word comes to your mind?
« Last post by princessmoon on December 18, 2017, 12:08:30 pm »
Posting Games and Chat / Re: The Band Name Game Returns
« Last post by Prinz Eugen on December 18, 2017, 12:00:21 pm »
Electric Lights Orchestra (ELO for short)
Good Gawd, I have them on VINYL.
( O, O, Telephone LIINE, give me some TIIME, I'm livin' in TWIIII-light...")

These guys, too: (Asia)

"When I saw it I was amazed - one-time glory right in my gaze[/size][size=78%]"[/size]

Posting Games and Chat / Re: What word comes to your mind?
« Last post by Prinz Eugen on December 18, 2017, 11:51:21 am »
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