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Panels & et cetera / Anyone want to join a “The adventure zone” panel?
« Last post by Pidge on April 24, 2018, 07:48:24 am »
Hail and well met, everybody! I’m in need of some people for an adventure zone panel! Specifically, I need every character EXCEPT taako. If anyone is interested I’d love to hear from you! (P.s you don’t have to be one of the birds, either. I’d love to have a johann, avi, angus etc) thanks everybody!
The panel has been submitted. I need panelists.
I've recently returned from teaching English in Japan for the second time in four years, and it got me thinking this might be something con attendees might want to hear about.  More specifically, the details about how to pursue such a job, what you need to have to prepare for it, what to keep in mind, etc.  I've worked both through the JET Program and through a private dispatch company to do the work, so I could also share a compare/contrast between the two.  This is all highly theoretical but I thought it might be an idea for a panel that people might be interested in.  I'd be sure to leave time at the end of the discussion for Q&A and all that, since ultimately this'd be a panel for people to learn more about the experience. 

Does this sound like a panel anyone would be interested in seeing?  Any suggestions on what other dimensions to add in to flesh out the idea, providing people are interested in it?
Room & Ride Sharing / K-Con 2018 - Space open in Shiloh Inns Rose Garden
« Last post by DasBombadillo on April 10, 2018, 09:11:21 pm »
So looking at room costs near the convention center, I've realized I will definitely need to share a room this year for con.  It's a long ways off but I want to get the ball rolling on this now before everyone's rushing to get rooms and room space of their own.  So, about me: early 30s in age, non-smoker, non-drinker, biologically male but identify as genderfluid and all of my cosplay is crossplay technically (kinda sorta).  Currently I will be rooming with my friend of similar age, also non-smoker, non-drinker at the Shiloh Inns Rose Garden.  We'd be okay with one more person rooming with us for the weekend, at the cost of $125 for the entire weekend (may need to make arrangements to make the floor comfortable for sleep).  If interested, please reply here or PM me.
Cosplay / Kingdom Hearts 2018 Photoshoot
« Last post by Sailor-Jeimi on April 08, 2018, 04:40:17 pm »
Might as well start this now.
On the Kumoricon facebook page, a few of us have talked about having a Kingdom Hearts photoshoot. Those of you on here, we can all discuss what day is best for everyone, and whichever day has the most people we can work around that. Even then, there's a chance I COULD host it more than one day. Really depends on what else I'd like to do at con. My main cosplay will be Sora in his KH2 outfit for most of the con, so it shouldn't be a problem hosting multiple shoots, but my friend who does Roxas, will have other cosplays that aren't KH.

So let's discuss what days are good for everyone!
Panels & et cetera / Re: Anime/J-pop/K-pop/Vocaloid Just Dance Session 2018?
« Last post by SMParkEunji on April 04, 2018, 12:33:59 am »
Hell to the yes please
General Kumoricon / Re: rants/ rave 2017
« Last post by Lyndsie on March 28, 2018, 12:00:18 pm »
My only rant was that during one of the Raves I got separated with a friend and she didnt have her phone with her. I didnt see her in the room where the rave was so I left to see if she sat down elsewhere. I didn't find her outside of the rave I tried to go back into the rave to look for her but they wouldn't let me back in. I am under 18 and it had just turned 12 am so I understand that side of it but I feel like someone on the staff could have helped me find my friend. I went to more than one staff member to see if they would help and none of them did. A couple tried to kick me out of the con space which I was not willing to leave until I found my friend. I had to ask other con goes over 18 to go and get her out of the rave. I understand that after 12 am anyone under 18 has to leave but I dont think it was okay to try and kick me out when I have already said I have a friend lost in the con space. I hope 2018 will be a better with this.
General Kumoricon / Re: Unofficial Kumoricon 2017 Guest Recommendations
« Last post by Lyndsie on March 08, 2018, 10:34:08 am »
If you guys can get Vic back this year would be great!!! i missed him last year. Also for cosplay guest fighting for dreams cosplay, yaya han, jessica nigir, moderately okay cosplay, kioncloud, izo_cosplay, alex_cosplaycakecosplay, akrcos
Room & Ride Sharing / Sakuracon 2018 Hotel - Need 1 more roomie!
« Last post by Sailor-Jeimi on March 07, 2018, 12:35:19 pm »
Hello, I have a spot open at the Renaissance Hotel for Sakuracon 2018. It's the cheapest priced of the hotels so you won't find a lower priced room.
Fair warning, I am not in charge of any sleeping arrangements, you all need to talk about it yourselves, but someone will be on the floor. One of our roomies normally likes the floor, so there's a chance she's willing to let you have he bed spot.

The cost for your share of the stay will be $119.

-Must be 18+.
-Obvious don't break the law or hotel rules.
Don't bring random strangers to the room. If you need someone to come with while you grab something, that's fine, but if you want them to hang out in the room for a while, please let me know and we can meet up so I can know who they are first.
-Even though pot is legal now, we do not like it, and would rather not smell it all weekend in the room. If you smoke it, please don't have it in the room.
-Don't come in wasted..We don't need things broken.
-If you come in when others are sleeping, don't make tons of noise.
-I require the room payment via Paypal on 3/23. This is because the money takes time to get from paypal to my bank. If it isn't on my bank account on thursday when I check in, then they will refuse to let anyone check in.

Check in is Thursday (3/29) and check out is Sunday (4/1).
We are required to be out of the room by noon. If you are not out by then, I get charged, and will be pissed.

If you would like to be in the room, you can comment on this thread, or message me.
Other Conventions and Events / Re: Sakura Con 2018
« Last post by Sailor-Jeimi on March 07, 2018, 12:25:34 pm »
Ok!!! Update!!

Same as before I'm going to Sakura Con!
I'm leaving for Seattle thursday(29th). Does anyone need a ride?
Also I have a room with space available( the room Is through the Sakura Con special deals)
Post up if your interested or contact me at (503)970-6538.
So I got a question for ya then. right now, are you the only one in your room? If you are the only one in that room so far and are looking for roomies, would you be down for being in someone else's room? We have one space left. It's make it cheaper than you're gonna pay in other hotels (we have the cheapest hotel), and you'd have a room. The only thing is, you might have to use the floor. We aren't 100% on that though. One of our roomies LIKES the floor, and if she doesn't mind, then boom, you got a bed. If you did this, the cost would be $119 for your stay.

If you already have other people in the room you already have, or just don't want to, it's all good. We're just really in need of one more person so the cost goes down for each of us lol
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