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DigiKumo Open Staff Positions

Before applying to a position, please review Get Involved to find out more about staffing Kumoricon.

DigiKumo staff positions are separate from Kumoricon 2021 and the two events have separate position lists. The Kumoricon 2021 open positions list is on a separate page.

  • Holding a Kumoricon 2021 staff position is a requirement for holding a DigiKumo 2020 staff position, because our organization staffing is based around staffing for our primary event Kumoricon. However, you may apply for DigiKumo positions even if your Kumoricon 2021 position is not yet known or finalized.
  • You can have a different role(s) between DigiKumo 2020 and Kumoricon 2021.
  • Not all positions exist in both events or are the same in both events.
  • Even if a position exists in both events, it may be filled by different people.

The organizational chart diagrams all the staff positions within the event, showing which staff positions report to whom. Each staff member should work with the person they report to for guidance on their staff duties. The organizational chart also indicates the rank of each position with an icon. The rank is a broad classification of the level of responsibilities and amount of work in a staff position, and it indicates relative position in a chain of command.

Position rank key